MBA Sheffield Testimonials

Hear from some of our MBA graduates

Sheffield MBA SaileshSailesh Neralla (India)

“It was also one of my childhood dreams to do an MBA. Before I came to Sheffield, I was working for my family’s business. My management experience in this role intrigued me and I wanted to find out more about the skill sets required to progress.

“Sheffield University Management School is renowned worldwide and the Triple Crown accreditation was the icing on the cake. It really tilted me in favour of choosing it as my MBA destination. On starting the programme, I found that the structure offers an ideal mix of both management theories and real life practical case studies.

“It’s really helped me consider my future career as well. The Employability Hub and Careers Discovery Series events help me in knowing the current recruitment trends and also notify me when a vacancy arises. Through them I have also had the chance of networking with people from many multinational companies. Despite a busy studying schedule, I do have time to socialise with my cohort. We throw parties, or visit new places in and around Sheffield.

“My initial ambition is to work for a multinational company, putting my new skills to good use. Three years down the line, I hope to go back to my family business in India and help to manage it better.”

Sheffield MBA ChizoChizo Korie (Nigeria)

“A typical MBA week could be described as ‘productively busy’, because class work involves lectures delivered by internal and external professors as well as simulations and consultancy engagements with client organisations. These served as moulding opportunities for me to network and sharpen my entrepreneurial skills by learning from the experiences of successful clients and visiting entrepreneurs. Besides consultancy and entrepreneurship, the Sheffield MBA places a lot of emphasis on transformational and team leadership.

“These skills have become indispensable in the real world of work because the client situations I dealt with while doing the Sheffield MBA are similar to those I encounter on a daily basis.

“A unique feature of the Sheffield MBA is the free access to alumni resources like research opportunities and academic advice. Professional and personal relationships I built during the course are still flourishing now, and I’m confident I’ll use contacts made in Sheffield throughout my working life. On Friday nights, my flatmates and I would cook together and go dancing afterwards. I often contact my former classmates, who are now my lifelong friends, to share experiences over the internet.

“The most rewarding part of my MBA was learning in an international environment that enabled sharing real life experiences across cultures. Coming from different continents, we now have the opportunity to conduct and expand our business relationships and functions across the globe without cultural barriers. This international ingredient offered by the Sheffield MBA experience is vital for conducting business on an international scale.

“The Sheffield MBA creates and grooms leaders. I started the course with the intention of getting a promotion, but finished with the plan to become a CEO.”

Sheffield MBA BenBen Lowe (UK)

"Prior to the Sheffield MBA, my professional background encompassed three years working in corporate finance for a banking institution, and two years working for a boutique advisory practice which advised public and private sector clients on the commercial and financial aspects of large capital and infrastructure projects.

"My main motivation for pursuing the MBA at Sheffield University Management School was ultimately to attain a senior leadership position in my chosen field. However, in the short run, I am also hopeful that it will open up more varied career opportunities.

"At its broadest, I think that the Sheffield MBA has challenged my thinking about management and leadership and, through this, improved my ability to turn ideas into reality. In addition, I would suggest that it has allowed me to develop a network of useful contacts, improved my confidence and helped me develop my decision making and prioritisation skills.

"My advice for future students would be to ensure that you are clear about why you want to do the MBA and what you hope to get out of it. If you can go into the MBA with this clarity of purpose, you will be able to tailor the opportunities that the programme presents to maximum effect."

Sheffield MBA PrashanthPrashanth Manganahalli Srinivasan (India)

“Before starting my MBA at Sheffield, I was software engineer involved in agile methodology project. Through the client-facing parts of this job, I identified that my strengths lie in interacting with clients and managing people at work – I decided to build on these through that an MBA would give me an advantage in my future career.

“The Sheffield MBA’s focus was on consulting really cemented my decision to come here. Triple Crown accreditation was also very important for me as only one per cent of business and management schools in the world have it.

“I really enjoyed the programme. Every day I learned new things, was informed of current trends, improved my communication, and learned how to act as a manager. An added benefit was that I also learned from my peers – other students in our class who are from a variety of backgrounds. After completing my MBA, I want to work as an IT consultant.”

Zhaoxia Zhou (China)

“One of my favourite things about my course is that my classmates come from many different countries, which brings with it a very cultural learning environment. It’s a good opportunity for me to improve my skills and knowledge by communicating, alongside my formal learning.

“There were two main reasons for my choosing Sheffield; the MBA ranks well and it is a prestigious course, and I heard from friends that it’s a great place to study. The school is a positive learning environment, and I feel like the city is a healthy place to be – clean streets and fresh air.

“Before coming to Sheffield I was responsible for marketing in a real estate company. The job involved sales and supervision, so required some managerial knowledge and skills. I came to Sheffield and decided to pursue further study in management because I’m keen to integrate theoretical knowledge with my previous work experience. After graduation I hope to return to China and work in my family manufacturing business. I think that my marketing knowledge, leadership skills and enterprise information system knowledge that I’ve gathered on the Sheffield MBA will improve the development of the business.”

Sheffield MBA StevenSteven Goertzen (Canada)

“The leadership and management skills that I am learning on the Sheffield MBA directly correlate with situations that I experience on the ice as captain for the Sheffield Steelers ice hockey team. The MBA programme provides a platform to study many different leadership theories and also provides an opportunity for self-reflection and a true understanding of your own leadership style. As a team, striving to gain a competitive advantage against rivals in our league is much the same as a business’s search for competitive advantage in today’s economy. The success and sustainability of a hockey team – as in the business world – relies on leadership, continuous improvement and the ability to remain flexible and adapt quickly to difficult situations.

“Doing the Sheffield MBA will change the way that you view the world and will provide you with a confidence to carry with you for the rest of your life. The skills and experiences that are acquired throughout the programme will give students a mindset and a confidence to face any difficult situations that they might encounter in the future.

“Studying for the Sheffield MBA has enabled me to develop better time management skills and become more efficient in everyday life. I have always had aspirations and expectations to be successful in hockey and this MBA has enabled me to focus those aspirations in the right direction. Developing a greater understanding of my own leadership style in has directly impacted my leadership approach as a captain of the Steelers.

“One of the strong points of the Sheffield MBA is that it shows students how to put theoretical practices into everyday situations. I have many entrepreneurial aspirations including starting up my own business in the future. The programme has provided me with the entrepreneurial tools that are necessary to understand unique selling points and create competitive advantages that are essential to establishing a sustainable business.”

Sheffield MBA ChristineChristine Rasiah (Malaysia)

"I was a professional civil engineer before pursuing my MBA in Sheffield. Although my career was progressing well, I was keen to learn the management techniques used by the Japanese contractors I was working alongside.

"Sheffield gave me all that I needed as a new student, and became my second home. I had classmates from most parts of the world who had various professional backgrounds. This added to my education and knowledge.

"As part of the MBA we had to do a number of presentations and were scrutinised by fellow classmates and lecturers who built our confidence, presentation and public relations skills. I was in contact with local companies and worked with one to enhance and grow their business through social networking

"The Sheffield MBA gave me a stepping stone for my career and personal development. It gave me the tools to tackle and manage top decisions. I work for an international aerospace manufacturing company, Cobham Microwave (UK) and with the knowledge and experience gained on the MBA, I am able to communicate effectively with management and make an effective contribution to the company’s success."