The biggest thing I have gained is my increased capacity to learn more than just my course

Xinyi Huang wearing a yellow and white shirt.
Xinyi Huang
Postgraduate student
Creative and Cultural Industries Management MSc
Xinyi Huang, an MSc Creative and Cultural Industries Management student, reflects on her favourite things about her course and the city of Sheffield.
Xinyi Huang wearing a yellow and white shirt.

Studying Creative and Cultural Industries Management is a wonderful experience

I am very interested in the creative and cultural industries, which are emerging and could bring traditional cultures to new life. The Management School has a good reputation for this course and a team of experienced academics who are so helpful in answering queries and providing assistance.

The course is not just about the creative and cultural industries but also about marketing, management and economics. I particularly enjoyed the tutorial classes. These were great opportunities to expand what I had learnt, put my knowledge into practice through group discussions and presentations and expose myself, all whilst practising my speaking skills.

The programme offers many interesting electives, which means you can learn not only about CCI but also choose other modules that suit your interests. Some modules include field trips, where you can go to different places and visit museums with fellow students and teachers, which is very exciting. 

The biggest gain is my increased capacity to learn

The ability to learn that I have strengthened here is more valuable than the knowledge itself. The lecturers guide students to think and study independently. I have learnt how to plan my research and organise my work efficiently and have improved my academic writing skills. All of these are valuable skills which will have a positive impact on my development in the long term.

Sheffield is a peaceful and culturally rich city

There are so many green spaces, parks and tourist attractions for hiking and excursions. When the sun is out, you can go for a run in the park, get some fresh air and release your stress. The people here are very polite and helpful. Sheffield is also a culturally rich city with many museums, galleries and theatres which is very helpful when studying the creative and cultural industries.

The course has enriched my CV for my future plans

Before taking this course, I had no experience in humanities or social sciences. I believe that studying this course has provided me with a solid foundation for my future work. For example, studying SWOT and Porter's 5 forces analysis has taught me how to use theoretical knowledge to analyse competitive markets. I have gained the basic knowledge needed to start a business. The knowledge and skills I have learned have enriched my CV and equipped me with the skills I will need to work in the creative and cultural industries when I graduate. After a while, when I have built up enough work experience, I hope to have the opportunity to undertake a PhD degree.

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