Materials Science Researchers Forum

Materials Researcher ForumThe monthly Materials Researchers Forum is run by researchers for researchers, and acts as a supportive community where research staff can share practice and support each other’s career development.

The Forum is for all research staff within the Department who have yet to be appointed to a permanent academic position, e.g. PDRAs, Research Fellows, and experimental officers.

We aim to:

  • Provide peer to peer support
  • Develop better networks
  • Share good practice
  • Develop our careers

Also, every researcher is invited to be part of our virtual community - we use Flock software as an informal platform for communication between all researchers in the department. It's a quick and easy way to share news, resources or find out where equipment or expertise is. Flock is free to use (you can download on to your desktop) and the group is shared with any researcher in the department who requests access. This is a great communication tool for our research community and even if you cannot attend the meetings you can benefit from your peers and their expertise.

With this forum, you have a voice! Representatives from the Equality and Diversity Team and the Research Staff Committee attend the meetings therefore we have the opportunity to voice our opinions to the Department and the Faculty of Engineering.

We are regularly joined by invited academics who are happy to share their experiences of research and academia. During our #AskAnAcademic sessions, we have heard from the likes of:

  • Chris Holland
  • Amy Gandy
  • Claire Corkhill
  • Russell Goodall
  • Pete Laity
  • Dan Allwood
  • Julian Dean
  • Fred Claeyssens

Your Materials Researcher Forum Champions are:

Nick Weston Kerry Abrams Rebecca Boston

Nick Weston

Kerry Abrams

Rebecca Boston

Speakers at the first Materials Science Researchers Forum Speakers at the first Materials Science Researchers Forum