The MSc Materials Science and Engineering for me was a repository of materials that I could use to build a path to my future.

Anirudh Gullapalli
Anirudh Gullapalli
MSc Materials Science and Engineering Graduate
Currently researching magnetic materials
Ani came to the MSc Materials Science and Engineering as a Mechanical Engineer and quickly became aware that, to be a proper engineer, he needed a broader appreciation of other engineering disciplines.

To begin with, I was a mechanical engineer, a person who builds things to last, makes them big, fat and strong and end of story. That was my thought process back during my undergraduate. Then of course, I started becoming well aware of how things work and understood that the key is to use as little material as possible which would have a very little impact on the environment.

The thinking has changed, my naivety was lost and I realized that without Materials Science understanding, I cannot be a proper engineer. So whatever background you come from, Mechanical, Electronics, Electrical, Aerospace, Control Systems and what not, you will have to do Materials Science at some point in your lives. Everything is made up of something, right?

The  MSc Materials Science and Engineering for me, is not a collection of modules to study, assignments to submit or even exams to pass, but a repository of materials that I could use to build a path to my future. Each subject was an opportunity to look for potential research areas.

Once the course started I quickly understood the difference between ‘teaching’ and ‘delivering a lecture’. While I realise that I could learn a lot of things by just giving my undivided attention during the lectures, it is impossible to realise the absolute best that the subject has to offer without putting in a couple of extra hours myself. Being the Academic and Faculty representative of the MSc cohort not only helped me interact better with my peers also stay connected with various academics in the department. As I was representing the views of hundreds of students from all over the world, I learnt how to address an issue always being respectful and without sugar coating it at the same time. I was able to put myself out there as a person who is always the first one to show up and the last one to leave.

A ‘great’ friend of mine gave me a piece of advice that I would like to give you as well:

Enjoy life, eat properly, find good friends, if you can cook bravo! Otherwise find someone who can.

Enjoy the Master’s, do not endure it.

All the best!

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