Polymers and Composites 

Research covers two main areas; semicrystalline polymers and polymer fibre composites. For semicrystalline polymers there is a focus on developing new methods of mesoscale crystallography and the use of theoretical modelling to interpret morphology at a molecular structure level. For composite materials there is a focus on self-healing composites and the interface and interphase properties of fibre reinforced composites.

Contact and personal webpages

  • Dr Xiangbing Zeng Lecturer in polymers and liquid crystals, research interests focus on polymer physics, supra-molecules and liquid crystals.
  • Dr Joel Foreman research interests focus on multi-scale modelling of polymer composites.
  • Dr Chris Holland Lecturer in natural materials. Chris’ research uses tools developed for the physical sciences to better understand Nature’s materials, from latex to collagen, but with a focus on silk.
  • Dr Simon Hayes Lecturer in aerospace engineering. Research interests primarily concern the development of `SMART´ systems for health monitoring and mitigation in composite materials. He also has an interest in the nanomechanical testing of polymeric and other viscoelastic materials.
  • Professor Frank Jones (Emeritus Professor) research interests centre around correlations between molecular aspects and macroproperties of polymer matrix composites.