Hasan Alnaser

Hasan Alnaser

Now: PhD Research Scientist, Molecular Genetics, University of Sheffield

Through the MSc Human and Molecular Genetics, Hasan further explored his interest in molecular genetics. It was the training on this course that helped him to secure his current PhD position within the Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology here at Sheffield.

"The first time I came to Sheffield was during a training course in summer 2013. I was fascinated by Sheffield’s nature, and went on hikes in the Peak District National park exploring its magnificent hills. This is when I met Dr. Adam Hodgson, Course Director for MSc Human and Molecular Genetics. By the time the course was advertised I was very interested in genetics, especially genetic disorders and the molecular pathology behind them. I applied to the course where the lecture modules increased my interest in the subject, and the practical modules increased my skills in scientific research.

"As an international student the most valuable skill I developed was my scientific writing skills where we were asked to write a literature review in the first term. I was faced with difficulties in the beginning but the department helped me finding my weaknesses to develop my writing skills further. The academic training and the clinical aspect of this course helped me to decide what I want to do. In addition to the lecture modules, the weekly departmental seminars opened my eyes to the type of research I want to do. All of this helped me in securing a PhD position in the department, studying the molecular pathways that govern chromosome segregation during cell division."

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