Research Seminars:

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19/09/2018 3.30-5pm Joint SPERI/PERG Seminar
Jon Gamu -- Contentious Natural Resource Politics and the Political Economy of Community-based Licensing
Ellie Gore -- Queer activism and the political economy of development in Accra, Ghana
10/10/2018 3.30-5pm Political Theory RG - Book launch: Alasdair Cochrane's, "Sentientist Politics: A Theory of Global Inter-Species Justice"
With responses from Siobhan O'Sullivan (University of New South Wales) and Josh Milburn (University of York)
15/10/2018 3-5pm Jennifer Clapp, The Financialisation and Future of Food (with SPERI) 215
16/10/2018 12.30-1pm

Eric Helleiner (SPERI)
Globalizing the historical roots of IP

24/10/2018 3.30-5pm David Goodhart 216
31/10/2018 2-5.30 Locating the Boundaries of Environmental Politics - Workshop 216 (2-3.30) LT01 4-5.30)
7/11/2018 3.30-5pm

Warrender Lecture (Political Theory) Prof Katrin Flickschuh - The Idea of the State as a Failed Universal?'

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Lecture Theatre 1

14/11/2018 3.30-5pm SPERI/PERG - Alice Evans
Hope for Reform: Strengthening Corporate Accountability in Global Production Networks
ICOSS Conference Room
21/11/2018 3.30-5pm International Politics Research Group Lisa Stampnitzky, ‘Rethinking the secrecy-exposure-accountability model’ 216
28/11/2018 3.30-5pm Political Theory RG - Megan Blomfield - Responsibility for climate change in an unjust world 216
12/12/2018 3.30-5pm Joint SPERI/PERG Seminar PREPPE -- Feminist Political Economy of the Weinstein Scandal 215
16/01/2019 3.30-5pm Joint SPERI/PERG Seminar SPERI/PERG - Benjamin Selwyn (Sussex) -- The Struggle for Development 215
06/02/2019 3.30-5pm SPERI/PERG Jacqueline Best (Ottawa) -- Neoliberalism, illiberalism and the dangers of wishful economic thinking ICOSS Conference Room
13/02/2019 "" At the Border Event #1 What is the moral status of state territorial borders? Grace Blakeley (IPPR) / Graham Harrison (Sheffield) / Owen Parker (Sheffield) -- Does protectionism = nativism? Panel discussion 216
27/02/2019 "" At the Border Event #2 Where is the border? 216
06/03/2019 ""

Political theory Hugo Drochon “Robert Michels, the Iron Law of Oligarchy and Dynamic Democracy”

IPRG Jonna Nyman ‘Securing China beyond the West’ (WIP Session)



13/03/2019 "" At the Border Event #3 Does protectionism = nativism? 216
20/03/2019 "" Locating the Boundaries of Environmental Politics G18
27/03/2019 "" Noel Castree to the PERG/SPERI/Environment Group 216
01/05/2019 ""

SPERI/PERG Will Davies (Goldsmiths) -- On Postneoliberalism

IPRG Professor Nayef Al-Rodhan (University of Oxford), ‘The Future of Global Security : Neurophilosophy, Culture, & Disruptive Technologies’



08/05/2019 "" IPRG  Joe Turner, ‘Making Love, Making Empire’. G19
15/05/2019 "" TBC 216
22/05/2019 "" Political Theory G19





SPERI/PERG Daniel Mugge (Amsterdam) -- How the Numbers Lens of Economic Statistics Skews Global Politics

ICOSS Conference Room

Descriptions of Cross-Cutting Seminars. Academic year, 2018/19.

At the Border

A seminar series that focuses squarely on the idea of the border, and of borders meeting. We call this At the border to distil the numerous ways that borders feature in modern academic debate, scholarship and social life.
The (un)making of borders is a central question for contemporary politics. It raises vital questions about violence, (in)justice, community, history, knowledge, mobility, war, and the body. In the series we aim to ask: What, and where, is a border? What do borders do? How can we study borders? How and should borders be contested?

Each seminar will examine these questions from particular thematic perspectives. In doing so it will challenge and contest commonsensical accounts of the border as related to the ‘nation state’ and ‘migration’. For example, the seminars will engage with historical/political/conceptual analysis of the idea of the border; the intersection of borders and colonial oppressions – including race, class, sexuality and gender; attempts to normatively draw the borders of the ‘demos’; analysis of the effects of borders; a focus on specific borders and border ‘disputes’; ethnography of living ‘at the border’; ‘border thinking’ and the hybridity of ‘borderlands’.

Locating the Boundaries of Environmental Politics

The onset of climate change, biodiversity loss and the growing political salience of environmental issues makes the study of the environment increasingly important. The environment as a site of intellectual investigation is genuinely inter-disciplinary spanning inter alia development studies, geography, environmental sciences and ecology, economics, philosophy, history and the full range of politics subjects (International relations, international political economy, security, parties, institutions, policy studies, political theory etc). This breadth makes the subject an exciting one to engage with and perfect for a cross-cutting seminar series with staff from the Political Theory, Political Economy, International Politics and Governance and Participation groups. However, it also raises some challenges – what do we mean when we discuss the environment? Do we have a shared vocabulary and epistemological understanding of the term? Where are the boundaries of environmental politics and how can we navigate transdisciplinary spaces? More importantly given the increasing number of staff in the department studying the environment, how do we identify and locate ourselves in this fluid disciplinary space and communicate that to the wider world? This seminar series will address these questions by bringing together academics to address two central questions: What is the environment? How is the environment political?

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