Research Group and Cross-Cutting Seminars:

07 February 2018 3-5pm Political Theory Research Group - Christopher Meckstroth ‘Constituent Power and Law Among Nations’ Room 215
14 February 2018 3.30-5pm Ethnocentrisms and their Implications Across the Discipline* (Clara Sandelind, John Hobson, Allister McGregor) Room 215
20 February 2018 2-4pm Political Economy Research Group (PERG) seminar - David Marsh - Book launch Six Days in September: Black Wednesday, Brexit and the Making of Europe 109
21 February 2018 3.30-5pm Room 215
21 February 2018 9.00-17.00 Impacts, Imperatives and Governance of REDD+ ICOSS conference room
28 February 2018 3.30-5pm CANCELLED Room 215
07 March 2018 3.30-5pm POSTPONED Political Economy Research Group "Ordoliberalism" - Professor Kenneth Dyson (Cardiff University) Room G18
14 March 2018 3.30-5pm

Political Theory Research Group Jacob Levy "Irregular Liberty"

Governance and Participation Research Group

Room 215

Room G19

21 March 2018 4.15-5.30 POSTPONED Ethnocentrisms and teaching round table Room 215
- - Easter Break -
25 April 2018 3.30-5pm Ethnocentrisms... Adam Etinson (St Andrews) "On Disrupting (Ethnocentric) Bias" Room 215
02 May 2018 3.30-5pm Governance and Participation Research Group Room 215
09 May 2018 3.30-5pm PERG European labour markets, Rasmus Hansen (Sheffield) and Lynzi Duncan (Sheffield) Room 215
16 May 2018 3.30-5pm Ethnocentrisms... Peter Verovsek “Historical Criticism without Progress: Memory as an Emancipatory Resource for Critical Thinking” Room 215
23 May 2018 3-5pm Political Theory Research Group Alasia Nuti ‘Emancipation through the Unjust Past’ Room 215
30 May 2018 4.15-5.30 International Politics Research Group Room 215

*Ethnocentrisms and their Implications Across the Discipline

The issue of ethnocentrism (and usually eurocentrism) tends to provoke much debate in seminars across different research groups. This seminar series will explore the implications of the recognition of different ethnocentrisms (euro, sino, helleno etc) for how we understand a wide range of issues and concepts in the discipline. Much of this hinges around the tension between a yearning for a universal frame of understanding and others that are more culturally located or informed. This is illustrated in political economy in terms of how we acknowledge difference within a world system and what political and policy space (autonomy) that permits. In international relations in terms of the consequences of different centrisms for how we interpret and act in a changing world. In political theory in terms of the values and norms that are entailed in our understanding of core concepts such as justice, freedom and tolerance.

Politics Departmental Seminars:

Wednesday lunchtime – 12.30 for refreshments and meeting up with colleagues in the department, Seminars run 1pm-2pm, all in Room 215, Elmfield Building

Photo: Research workshop

7 February 2018 Teaching Seminar - 'UG Curriculum Review: Changes to L2’
21 February 2018 Matt Bishop  ‘Pioneers Take Arrows, Settlers Take Land: The Cannabis "Green Rush" in the Modern American West’
7 March 2018 POSTPONED Alasdair Cochrane  'The Political Implications of Animal Sentience'
21 March 2018 POSTPONED Teaching Seminar
25 April 2018 Ruth Blakeley  ‘Violence and Empire’
9 May 2018 Anastasia Shesterinina  ‘Mobilizing under Uncertainty: From Fleeing to Fighting in War-Time Abkhazia’
23 May 2018  Jonna Nyman ‘(The) State of Security: Understanding security politics in contemporary China’

For further information about any of the above, please contact Lucy Martinez (