Questions & Answers

We hold online Q&A's where we answer all your questions regarding your course, studying at the Department of Politics or any other questions you may having relating to studying and living in Sheffield. Currently, we have no live Q&A scheduled but below you can find a recording of the latest Q&A and the list of questions with appropriate time stamp so you can skip to the questions most interesting to you!

[00:00] Introductions Dr Felicity Matthews and Dr Simon Rushton.

[04:18] Purpose of today

[05:06] Question about finances and scholarship as an international student

[06:23] How many contact hours are there on average on the Politics, Governance and Public Policy programme?

[07:53] How do the contact hours relate to your dissertation support?

[08:49] How is the master’s year divided up with regards to teaching and dissertation time?

[09:27] What assessment methods are used on the course?

[12:36] What is the average size of seminar groups?

[14:00] If I don’t get the scholarship, what are the tuition fees like?

[14:46] Does the library operate 24/7?

[16:46] Get I get a bit more information on the Understanding Politics module?

[18:43] What about student accommodation?

[19:35] How big is the international community?

[20:52] What are the cost of living expenses in Sheffield?

[22:10] How are mature student represented in the course intake?

[23:14] Is it difficult to change from an entrepreneurial course to a Politics course?

[24:34] What is the Students Union like?

[25:10] Is it difficult to join the Students Union?

[26:50] What have graduates from the Governance and Public Policy have gone on to do?

[29:01] Are students allowed to work alongside their studies?

[29:50] Can the department support you in finding a part-time job?

This Q&A was hosted by course professors Felicity Matthews and Simon Ruston. If you have any questions, please contact us at