Settling down in Sheffield has been amazing for me because it is diverse and people living in Sheffield are very accommodating.

A photo of Nina Princewell
Nina Princewill
Current Student
MA Social Work
Nina came to Sheffield after graduating in 2016 from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. After discovering our MA Social work course, Nina felt it was the right course for her to equip her with the ability to help children the best she can.

Why did you choose to study Social Work at the University of Sheffield?

Once I'd graduated and worked with special needs children, I discovered I was not able to help them as much as they needed, and so I looked for a course that would equip me with the skills I need so I could give the children my best support to enable them to live independently. I did my research, and I came across the Sheffield social work MA and I believed that doing a masters would be beneficial for me and my career goals. It would also enable me to work abroad which happens to be part of my future goal.

How have you found settling into Sheffield?

Settling down in Sheffield has been amazing for me because it is diverse and the people living in Sheffield are very accommodating.

What would you say are the biggest challenges on the course? How are you supported in overcoming these challenges?

My biggest challenge on the course is reflective writing as writing is not really my strength. Also, as an international student, finance has been a big challenge as the tuition fee is on the high side and I was not able to work while on placement. But in overcoming the challenge I was supported by my academic tutor to improve my reflective writing, while school hardship funds helped me reduce the financial crisis I had faced.

Can you tell us a bit about your placement and your experience of doing it?

My first placement experience was challenging but with the help of my academic tutor and my lecturers I was able to pull through. My second placement experience has been the best so far as I have supportive team members who are ready to teach you and make sure you get the best experience while on placement, my 'work breakdown structure' (a tool used to breakdown components of a project to help with workload) has been very supportive with my case management and my practice educator (a registered professional who supports learners in the workplace) has supported me in ensuring that I apply theories into practice. Working with children and families in my second placement has broadened my views and helped me understand that everyone doesn’t have the same shared beliefs and values so we should accept people the way they are and help them to attain their goal even if our values and ethics differ.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about studying Social Work?

Having a passion to help others is key in wanting to study social work because social work as a course can be draining, and so passion is crucial for your motivation.

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