This course will help me stand out against other candidates

William Adams
William Adams
MSc International Social Change and Policy
Graduated 2018
Will had the chance to study a topic in depth over a year, which has developed his research skills, time management and his desire to address international social change.

What initially sparked your interest in the course?

I studied International Politics for my undergraduate degree. I was fascinated with all the concepts and theories I came across, and I wanted to take those understandings further in a more practical sense. This course was exactly what I was looking for; somewhere I could use my political conceptions, blended with sociology, to help address real world social problems.

What did you enjoy most about studying the course?

Weirdly, I most enjoyed the days spent researching and reading for my dissertation. Being able to study Basic Income, an idea that I’m passionate about, in-depth was a great opportunity and has created a lifelong interest.

What is the approach of teaching and assessment here?

Most teaching was delivered in a lecture, immediately followed by a discussion that we had prepared for. The combination of these forms of learning really helped bring out the best aspects of both. Each module had one to two assignments, and the style these took varied from module to module. We had essays, presentations, and analyses of policies. This ensure that we covered a range of skills and I never felt like I was doing the same thing repeatedly.

What skills did you feel you gained during your studies?

I got the chance to develop my sociological skills, namely my qualitative and quantitative research skills. I also developed the ability to thoroughly analyse policies and the social problem they were designed to address.

Do you feel the course helped increase your employability and if so, how?

I think that this course will help me stand out against other candidates. I’ve developed my social science skills and combined with political concepts. I’ve had the chance to study a topic in depth over a year, which has developed my research skills, my time management and my desire to address international social change.

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