Curriculum module: Introduction to sustainability and environmental engineering

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From dwindling fossil fuel reserves, a growing population, and the need for rapidly expanding food production and clean water, it is certain that engineering will be vital to addressing the most pressing issues in society.

The Department of Civil and Structural Engineering’s Introduction to sustainability and environmental engineering module presents students with the tools to identify these sustainability challenges, and examines the ways in which engineering could help to tackle them.

The module involves developing knowledge and understanding of issues, on both a local and global scale. Students are introduced to the process of scoping potential solutions, concepts and designs for civil engineering for sustainable water and energy supply, soil protection and restoration, and remediation of industrial pollution are analysed in-depth.

Students also develop their knowledge around chemical reactions and biological processes in the environment. This is achieved through the use of case studies, tutorials, individual study and direct research, with learning monitored through online tests and coursework.

The module has helped the students to not only become actively involved in creating solutions to real-life issues, but has also deepened their knowledge and understanding of sustainability through a combination of environmental sustainability and science lectures.

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