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Scheduled seminars in APS are listed below. Everyone is welcome to attend any of the seminars, but the seminar series differ a little in their focus as indicated below.

Every effort is made to keep to the scheduled programme, but changes do have to be made sometimes. Please look out for posters in the Department, or notices on the APS home page for any late alterations.

  • Departmental seminars: aimed everyone in the Dept, and anyone outside who might be interested
  • Research Group seminars: two seminar series (Ecology, Evolution and Environment & Robert Hill Institute) usually on current research work, by both internal and external speakers.
  • Graduate Seminars: current postgraduate students presenting their own research work. Usually two shorter seminars together.

APS seminars can be added to your Google Calendar by using the following URL:
Alternatively, you can view the seminars in a web page calendar if you don't use Google Calendar.

Date Series Title Speaker Venue and time
1st October 2018 Departmental Haploid gametic selection in animals and its evolutionary consequences

Simone Immler University of East Anglia

1.00pm Alfred Denny Lecture Theatre 2
2nd October 2018 EEE Seminar Coping with environmental stress in natural populations - from genes to metapopulation dynamics Marjo Saastamoinen University of Helsinki Firth Court G02
5th October 2018 EEE Seminar Adaptation of A-to-I RNA editing and the impact on genome evolution Jian Lu  The University of Peking  Alfred Denny Building D 219 Common Room
8th October 2018 Departmental Life within the genome:  Evolutionary interactions between bacteria and mobile genetic elements

Eleanor Harrison University of Sheffield

1.00pm Alfred Denny Lecture Theatre 2
15th October 2018 Departmental Genentic regulation of sexual life cycles in the brown algae Susana Coelho Station Biologique de Roscoff 1.00pm Alfred Denny Lecture Theatre 2
22nd October 2018 Departmental Bird song and the evolution of cultural transmission Robert Lachlan Queen Mary University 1.00pm Alfred Denny Lecture Theatre 2
29th October 2018 Departmental Understanding Porous species boundaries by studying butterfly genomes Chris Jiggins University of Cambridge 1.00pm Alfred Denny Lecture Theatre 2
2nd November 2018 RHI Contribution of Epigenetic Variation to Ecological Adaptation Ueli Grossniklaus University of Zurich Firth Court Bldg (F 02)
5th November 2018 Departmental Alternative medicine practices of fruit flies Nick Priest University of Bath 1.00pm Alfred Denny Lecture Theatre 2
12th November 2018 Departmental Inbreeding and inbreeding avoidance in a population with severe inbreeding depression
Josephine Pemberton University of Edinburgh 1.00pm Alfred Denny Lecture Theatre 2
19th November 2018 Departmental Sensory and Cognitive adaptations in butterfly brains Stephen Montgomery University of Cambridge 1.00pm Alfred Denny Lecture Theatre 2
26th November Departmental Soil Sustainability, from Biochemistry to Business
Jess Davies University of Lancaster 1.00pm Alfred Denny Lecture Theatre 2
3rd December 2018 Departmental TBC Heather Whitney University of Bristol 1.00pm Alfred Denny Lecture Theatre 2
10th December Departmental From remote sensing to monitoring progress towards AICHI and SDG targets; are we promising too much? Marion Pfeifer University of Newcastle 1.00pm Alfred Denny Lecture Theatre 2