Seminar series

External Seminar Programme

The Department of Biomedical Science runs a lively and exciting external seminar programme. Topics presented represent the wide-range of research interests within the department and are presented by experts in particular areas.

Seminars are held on Mondays at 12.00 noon (unless stated) in the Conference Room (room A225), A Floor, Alfred Denny building.

If you have any questions regarding our programme, please contact Wendy Howard.

2019/2020 Programme:

Monday 13th January 2020

Dr Cynthia Andoniadou, King's College London

"Novel aspects of stem cell involvement during anterior pituitary homeostasis and disease"

Host: Dr Carl Harrison

Monday 20th January 2020

Dr Przemyslaw Stempor, University of Cambridge

"Gene regulation and epigenetics in model organisms and immuno-oncology: computational approach"

Host: Prof Liz Smythe

Monday 27th January 2020
1:15 - 2:15 pm

Professor Andreas Prokop, University of Manchester

"How to make or break a neuron: microtubules in axon growth and degeneration"

Host: Dr Stephen Brown

Monday 3rd February 2020

Dr Nathan Goehring, Francis Crick Institute

"Design principles of a cell polarity network"

Host: Prof David Strutt

Tuesday 4th February 2020
10:30 am, Bateson Room, Firth Court

Dr Thorsten Boroviak, University of Cambridge

"How to build a primate: Towards a synthetic model of primate embryogenesis"

Host: Prof Marysia Placzek

Monday 10th February 2020

Dr Amanda-Jayne Carr, University College London

"Making the retinal pigment epithelium great again"

Host: Prof Marcelo Rivolta

Wednesday 12th February 2020
12 noon, Alfred Denny Conference Room

Dr Elena Scarpa, University of Cambridge

"Investigating how mechanical forces control cell divisions: from the Drosophila embryo to migrating neural crest cells"

Host: Prof Marysia Placzek

Monday 24th February 2020

Professor Irene Miguel-Aliaga, Imperial College London

"Sex differences in intestinal plasticity"

Host: Dr Kyra Campbell

Wednesday 26th February 2020
12 noon, Alfred Denny Conference Room

Dr Raman Das, University of Manchester

"Cell behaviour underlying neurogenesis in the developing spinal cord"

Host: Prof Marysia Placzek

Monday 2nd March 2020

Dr Sara Wells, MRC Harwell

"New data and ideas from broad-based pipelines to new phenotyping paradigms. What do we really know about mice?"

Host: Dr Ivana Barbaric

Monday 16th March 2020

Dr Yohanns Bellaiche, Institut Curie, Paris

"Morphogenesis of proliferative tissues: cell cycle, scaling and mechanical forces"

Host: Dr Helen Strutt

Monday 23rd March 2020

Professor Giorgio Scita, University of Milan

"Solid-to-Liquid phase transition in pathophysiology"

Host: Prof Walter Marcotti

Monday 30th March 2020

Dr Sarah McClelland, Barts Cancer Institute

"Focus on the Individual; The importance of chromosome-specific biology in generating aneuploidy patterns in cancer"

Host: Dr Ivana Barbaric

Monday 6th April 2020

Dr Colin Logie, Radboud University, Nijmegen

"Microbe-induced innate immunity training and tolerisation impact phagocyte glucocorticoid responses"

Host: Dr Martin Zeidler

Monday 20th April 2020

Dr Brigitte Dorner, Robert Koch-Institut, Berlin

"Botulinum neurotoxins: New findings on receptor binding and how they translate into innovative detection approaches"

Hosts: Prof Bazbek Davletov and Dr Kai Erdmann

Monday 27th April 2020

Dr Sally Lowell, University of Edinburgh

"Mis-shapes, Mistakes, Misfits and how to avoid them: how do pluripotent cells make the right decisions?"

Host: Dr Anestis Tsakiridis

Monday 11th May 2020

Professor Hilary Ashe, University of Manchester

"Gene expression dynamics during embryonic development"

Host: Prof Marysia Placzek

Monday 18th May 2020

Dr Marie-Laure Baudet, University of Trento

"Non-coding RNAs: novel transport route and function in developing axons"

Host: Dr Andrew Lin

Monday 1st June 2020

Dr Robert Pinnock, RDP Life Sciences

"Drug discovery - minimizing risk of failure - maximizing patient benefit"

Host: Prof Bazbek Davletov

Monday 8th June 2020

Professor Marta Miaczynska, IIMCB Warsaw

"Inflammatory signaling from endosomes in cancer cell biology"

Host: Prof Kai Erdmann

Monday 22nd June 2020

Professor Christof Niehrs, Institute of Molecular Biology, Mainz

"Organismic aging and DNA demethylation"

Host: Dr Vincent Cunliffe

Monday 29th June 2020

Dr MaĆ«va Luxey, University of Basel

"Differential response of the limb neuromuscular system to changes in dactyly"

Host: Dr Caitlin McQueen

Monday 6th July 2020

Professor Oscar Marin, King's College London

"Diversity and plasticity in the assembly of cortical circuits"

Host: Prof Andy Furley

2020/2021 Programme:

Dr Vassilis Pachnis, Francis Crick Institute

Title to be announced

Host: Dr Anestis Tsakiridis