Seminar series

External and Internal Seminar Programme 2018/2019

The Department of Biomedical Science runs a lively and exciting external and internal departmental seminar programme. Topics presented represent the wide-range of research interests within the department and are presented by experts in particular areas.

Seminars are held on Mondays at 12.00 noon (unless stated) in the Conference Room (room A225), A Floor, Alfred Denny building.

If you have any questions regarding our programme, please contact Wendy Howard.

2018/2019 Programme:

Monday 5th November 2018

Professor Nancy Papalopulu, University of Manchester

"A quantitative, dynamic and single-cell analysis of cell state transitions during neurogenesis"

Host: Prof Andy Furley

Monday 19th November 2018

Dr Gonzalo de Polavieja, Champalimaud Foundation, Lisbon

"How useful is deep learning in the study of animal behavior?"

Host: Prof Mikko Juusola

Monday 26th November 2018

Unfortunately, the seminar due to be given by Dr James Sharpe has been cancelled.  We hope to reschedule the talk to take place in 2019.

Monday 3rd December 2018

Dr Emily Eden, University College London

"Lines of communication: the role of lysosomal membrane contact sites in cholesterol homeostasis"

Host: Dr Andrew Peden

Monday 10th December 2018

Dr Steffen Scholpp, University of Exeter

"Intercellular Wnt trafficking in vertebrates"

Host: Dr Freek van Eeden

Monday 14th January 2019

Professor Sarah Walmsley, University of Edinburgh

"Hypoxia and neutrophilic inflammation"

Host: Mr Jonathon Coates

Monday 21st January 2019

Professor Bruce Turnbull, University of Leeds

"Re-engineering bacterial toxins for new purposes"

Host: Prof Bazbek Davletov

Monday 28th January 2019

Dr Ben Steventon, University of Cambridge

"Comparative Multi-cellular Dynamics of Neuromesodermal Progenitors"

Host: Dr Anestis Tsakiridis

Monday 11th February 2019

Dr Neil Vargesson, University of Aberdeen

"Thalidomide-induced embryopathy: mechanistic insights"

Host: Miss Holly Stainton

Monday 18th February 2019

Dr Anna Andreou, Headache Research Lab, King's College London

Title to be announced

Host: Dr Bazbek Davletov

Monday 25th February 2019

Professor David Bennett, University of Oxford

"Pain as a channelopathy"

Host: Dr Liz Seward

Monday 4th March 2019

Professor Catherina Becker, University of Edinburgh

"Successful Spinal Cord Repair in Zebrafish"

Host: Dr Vincent Cunliffe

Monday 18th March 2019

Professor Matteo Carandini, University College London

"Local and global neural correlates of vision, action, and reward"

Host: Dr Andrew Lin

Monday 25th March 2019

Professor Adam Mead, University of Oxford

"Unravelling cancer stem cell heterogeneity in myeloproliferative neoplasms"

Host: Dr Martin Zeidler

Monday 15th April 2019

Professor Andreas Thum, University of Leipzig

"Learning and Memory in Drosophila Larvae: Behavioural, Neuronal, and Molecular Fundamentals"

Host: Dr Anthi Apostolopoulou

Monday 29th April 2019

Dr Juan Burrone, King's College London

Title to be announced

Host: Dr Anton Nikolaev

Monday 17th June 2019

Professor Irene Miguel-Aliaga, Imperial College London

"Sex differences in intestinal plasticity"

Host: Dr Kyra Campbell

Monday 1st July 2019

Dr Joanna Loizou, Research Center for Molecular Medicine (Ce-M-M), Austria

Title to be announced

Host: Miss Angela Ibler