Our department is home to more than 40 members of academic staff, who are conducting world-class research and training our students. Much of their work is made possible by the administrative and technical staff who help us to make major scientific breakthroughs and create a supportive learning environment. Our labs are also staffed by teams of talented postdoctoral researchers, while our outreach team is dedicated to inspiring the next generation of chemists.

Academic staff

Our academic staff are carrying our research across chemical biology, light-matter interactions and materials chemistry, while teaching and training our undergraduate and postgraduate students.

We also host five emeritus professors: Emeritus staff

Administrative and technical staff

Our administrative and technical staff provide essential support so that we can conduct world-class research and high quality teaching.

They are responsible for many key operations, from making sure our laboratories are running efficiently to helping our students get the support they need.

Postdoctoral research staff

Our postdoctoral research staff work closely with our academic staff, contributing to world-leading research in our state-of-the-art laboratories.

Outreach staff

Our outreach team runs events for schoolchildren and the general public throughout the year, including running our dedicated schools laboratory.