About the Department

Sir Frederick Mappin Building

The Department was founded in 1917 and is currently based in the Sir Frederick Mappin Building. We provide a comprehensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the main branches of civil engineering. With over 40 academic staff, including 12 professors, around 500 undergraduate and 170 postgraduate students, the Department is one of the largest and most active civil engineering departments in the UK.

All our undergraduate courses are accredited with the Institutions of Civil and Structural Engineers. Because of its unique course structure the MEng in Structural Engineering and Architecture is also accredited by the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Over the last five years research activity in the Department has continued to expand, and we now have over 70 researchers. Research work is based in three large groups; Structural Engineering, Groundwater Engineering and Geoscience, and Water and Environmental Management. Within each of the groups work of an internationally competitive standard is being carried out, in one of the most active research communities within civil engineering in the UK.

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