Our facilities

Architectural Engineering

  • New instrumentation in vibration engineering, environmental engineering and nanotechnology.
  • Monitoring equipment for assessing the real-life performance of buildings: energy monitors, indoor environment monitors, heat flux monitors, thermal camera.
  • Wind tunnel suitable for assessing the impact of wind on urban forms at 1:200 scale.

Structural Engineering

  • Multi-axial testing equipment at elevated temperature.
  • Testing rigs for ambient and elevated temperature conditions.
  • Cement and concrete durability testing and material characterisation.
  • Field laboratory for full-scale impact and explosion research.

Geotechnical Engineering

  • Large-scale triaxial apparatus for stress path and cyclic load testing.
  • Flexible walled triaxial calibration chambers.
  • Optical microscopy.
  • Digital camera and measurement software
  • Model pile testing and durability testing facilities.
  • Granular flow model rig and complimentary high speed camera for debris flow simulations.
  • Conventional and specialised soil testing apparatus, including a transparent soils laboratory.
  • Centre for Energy and Infrastructure Ground Research - home to our world-leading 4 metre beam centrifuge, and complementary small-scale education centrifuge.
  • Numerical modelling software including: LimitState, FLAC3D and LS-DYNA.
  • Facility for experimental modelling of slope stability and landslide mechanics.

Water Engineering

  • Static and tilting research flumes.
  • Urban drainage testing rigs, laser and video-based measurement systems.
  • Pipe loop to explore dynamics of water distribution systems and a temperature controlled pipe loop to investigate water quality in distribution systems.
  • Modern, fully equipped lab for microbiological, chemical and pollutant analysis.
  • Experimental facilities for investigating environmental processes and pollutant interactions in the geosphere.
  • Extensive field measurement and modelling software.