Dr John Miller

Senior Lecturer in Nineteenth-Century Literature
BA (Stirling); MPhil PhD (Glasgow)

Contact John Miller

Room 5.21, Jessop West
1 Upper Hanover Street
S3 7RA

Internal extension: 20194
Tel: + 44 (0)114 222 0194

email: John.Miller@sheffield.ac.uk


I arrived in Sheffield in September, 2012 to take up a lectureship in Nineteenth-Century Literature and was appointed Senior Lecturer in January 2016. I am general secretary of the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment (UK & Ireland): http://asle.org.uk/; co-director of the Sheffield Animal Studies Research Centre and co-editor of Palgrave Studies in Animals and Literature.


My research focuses on writing about animals, ecology and empire from the nineteenth century to the present, with particular emphasis on the late Victorian period. My first monograph Empire and the Animal Body (Anthem, 2012) explored the representation of exotic animals in Victorian and Edwardian adventure fiction. My second book was the co-authored volume Walrus for the Reaktion Animal series. I am now working towards my next monograph, Once Upon a Time I was—ALIVE: Fur and Fiction from Cooper to Kafka . Other work currently in progress includes co-edited collections on Henry Rider Haggard; on wolves, werewolves and the gothic; and on animals in detective fiction.


In 2016-17 I will be teaching on:

  • LIT3101: Romantic and Victorian Prose
  • LIT115: Darwin, Marx, Freud
  • LIT6045: Humans, Animals, Monsters and Machines from Gulliver’s Travels to King Kong
  • LIT271: Radical Theory
  • LIT108: Studying Poetry
  • LIT207: Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature


I would be very happy to supervise projects relating to any aspect of my research, particularly animals and/or ecology in Victorian literature and culture, adventure fiction, the Arctic, and literature and colonialism/postcolonialism/globalization.

Public engagement

I have a strong interest in the links between environmental aesthetics, conceptions of environmental and species value and public policy. I organised open sessions on these and related topics at the conferences Modern Environments: Contemporary Readings in Green Studies at the University of Glasgow in 2007 and Activism, Apocalypse, and the Avant-Garde at the University of Edinburgh in 2008. In 2015, as part of Sheffield’s Festival of Arts and Humanities, I ran a day of events under the title Caring for Sheffield’s Woodlands.



  • Walrus. With Louise Miller. Reaktion Press Animal Series, 2014.
  • Empire and the Animal Body: Violence, Ecology and Identity in Victorian Adventure Fiction. Anthem Press, 2012.

Edited Collections

  • Transatlantic Literary Ecologies: Nature and Culture in the Nineteenth-Century Anglophone Atlantic World. With Kevin Hutchings. Ashgate, 2016 (forthcoming).
  • Wolves, Werewolves and the Gothic. With Robert McKay. University of Wales Press, 2016 (forthcoming).
  • The Globalization of Space: Foucault and Heterotopia. With Mariangela Palladino. Pickering and Chatto, 2015.
  • Romantic Ireland from Tone to Gonne: Fresh Perspectives on Nineteenth-Century Ireland. With Willy Maley and Paddy Lyons. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013.

Special Editions of Journals

  • ‘Victorian Animals’. With Claire McKechnie. Journal of Victorian Culture, New Agenda series, 17.4, 2012.
  • ‘Modern Environments’. With Erin Somerville. Green Letters. Number 9, Spring 2008.

Articles and Book Chapters

  • ‘The Sublime and the Dying: Landscape Aesthetics and Animal Suffering in the Boy’s-Own Fur Trade’. Transatlantic Literary Ecologies: Nature and Culture in the Nineteenth-Century Anglophone Atlantic World. Eds. Kevin Hutchings and John Miller, Ashgate, 2016 (forthcoming).
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