Professor Kola Olagboyega on why he chose Sheffield for his PhD

Professor Kola Olagboyega, an alumnus of the University of Sheffield, is from Nigeria and is now working in Japan. Here he tells us why he chose Sheffield for his PhD.


Why did you choose the study at Sheffield?

I chose Sheffield because of the degree programme and the reputation of the University.

What other elements of University life/extra-curricular activities helped you to achieve success?

Scholarships and the careers service

How was studying in the UK different from your home country?

No comparison here! The UK is a developed country and Nigeria is a third-world country!

Your career 

I am currently a Professor at the International College of Liberal Arts, Yamanashi Gakuin University, Japan, responsible for teaching, administration and student recruitment.

What other jobs have you had since you left the University of Sheffield?

Teaching and administration at Colleges of FE and Universities.

What is your greatest personal or professional achievement to date?

Publishing my own books!

What advice would you give to someone from your country who is thinking about studying in Sheffield?

The University of Sheffield is the best place to study. If you have the opportunity, don't even think twice before accepting the offer. I am very grateful for the opportunity to study at the University of Sheffield. I had a fantastic time living in Sheffield. My University of Sheffield degree is the highest qualification I have ever had, and that has made all the difference in my life.

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