The Watchers in the Sky - Part one

The Fright in the Forest


Far away, up high, in the dark night sky,

the eternal stars pass silently by;

shining so brightly with a noble glow,

so much more than just stars, up there, you know?

There are thousands of worlds yet to explore –

the final frontier has a lot in store.

Surely, there’s got to be others in space;

I’m sure that they’ve already won the race.

They know us and watch us – we don’t know them,

their experiments run time and again.

Watching us closely – we don’t know they’re there –

flying invisible, out in the air.

Otherworldly creatures waiting at night,

waiting for humans to give them a fright!

The stories of abduction are very true,

so, what would you do if it happened to you?

A dog walker wandered the night forest

until he discerned a patch of interest;

a place where the trees were needlessly felled –

the burning of wood was easily smelled.

On the ashen ground, were the trees once tall,

yet stranger things would the walker befall;

a fluorescent residue could be seen

at all of the stumps where the trees had been.

The man’s lovely husky sniffed at the ground –

her ears pricking; then a bark at some sound.

The dog dragged her owner right to the floor;

this husky ran free and did bark some more.

The poor frightened pooch ran straight out the woods

whilst her owner thought: 'this cannot be good!'

He stumbled to his feet that cold, dark night,

suddenly blinded by beacons of light.

Mechanical noise, humming and whirring,

the beacons dimmed as machines were stirring,

out of the unseen and into plain sight

stood a shimmering craft at quite some height.

Where the trees had gone they appeared again

like a projection – it was most insane.

Just the canopy; no tree trunks returned.

"Could be aliens?" the poor man discerned.

A metal door opened where figures stood –

extra-terrestrials were in the woods.

The walker looked at them in certain fear,

they walked off their craft too closely; too near.

The creatures outnumbered the scared old man,

he wondered and pondered: 'What was their plan?'

They outstretched their arms. The man was nervous.

They softly exclaimed: "You will come with us."

A poetry series by student DP


30 July 2021

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