The Watchers in the Sky - Part two

The Memory Probe

An image of the milky way galaxy

The man disagreed, said “Why should I come?”

To which they replied, “There’s work to be done”

They didn’t seem nasty, just new, that’s all,

so, in he went as not to be a fool.

They kindly offered him a cup of tea;

the old man declined – he preferred coffee.

The creatures were friendly and happy that

they could see a human and have a chat.

Could you believe they were on holiday?

Yes! To a place with the name: Milky Way.

What a surprise for the old dog-walker

to meet with aliens that were not stalkers.

They asked on behalf of the human race:

“We have taken resources from this place,

What do you most want in return for this?”

the man responded: “I want my missus”

The creatures were baffled and quite confused

but they started smiling as if amused;

“There is a way we have yet to try out,

but we’ll try it today” they said with doubt.

The old man grinned as he didn’t much care.

Then the creatures strapped him into a chair;

the man did ask: “What will you do to me?”

“Nothing my friend,” they said; “just wait and see”

“We need to probe deep inside of your mind

for a true glimpse of your wife, we will find.”

A small device was stuck to his forehead

as the man pondered if his wife was dead.

He fell unconscious without any pain,

the creatures now deep inside of his brain.

His life and memories – each single lie,

the creatures could see his lives that passed by.

The man was called Fred, his wife was Julie,

their dog was called Bess, with hair, so unruly.

Julie and Fred had their own little world

until the horrid day trouble unfurled.

The same old forest with the same old trees

that Fred and Julie walked Bess with great ease.

Walking behind them, a man in a hood

looking to hurt them as much as he could.

He grabbed poor Julie and pulled from his coat

a dagger; which he flourished at her throat.

Julie was trembling and needed Fred’s help

whilst Bess was displeased and began to yelp.

Fred pleaded with the man: “Just give her back!”

He let go of Bess so she would attack.

Bess was getting closer; Fred was a wreck

as he saw the hooded man slit her neck…

A poetry series by student DP


6 August 2021

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