The Watchers in the Sky - Part three

Humanity’s Gift

New research reveals how proteins that harvest and use sunlight are organised by the most abundant organism in the world

Bess was then soaked in her owner’s blood

whilst Fred was mourning with his face a flood.

Fred was shouting and begging and pleading

but all Julie did was not stop bleeding.

While Fred held his love dying in his arms,

Bess was growling and desiring some harm

toward the attacker running away;

Bess had decided that he was her prey.

As Julie bled out and breathed her last breath,

Fred was in the mood to make some more death.

Bess latched on to her prey whilst Fred caught up.

He seized the knife fast to protect his pup.

Bess wanted to kill Julie’s murderer,

as crimson blood dripped from her once white fur.

Fred shouted at the man: “What was it worth!?”

pulled back his hood, but he wasn’t from Earth.

Bess was snarling, growling, barking and more

at the evil creature she stood before,

Fred then drove the seized knife into its chest;

he pointed at him shouting: “Kill him Bess!”

The dog was biting on odd flesh and meat

as the creature, crying, fell to his feet.

Fred was impressed by his Husky’s power,

after Julie’s passing, Fred turned sour.

Bess protected Fred; was playing her part,

as the good pooch ripped out the creature’s heart.

The murderer now dead put Fred at ease

Until he realised: ‘that’s two bodies!’

Whilst Bess was finishing her tasty meal,

the events, to Fred, were becoming real.

He ran to Julie hurriedly along

the muddy ground but her body was gone

As old sleeping Fred suddenly awoke,

facing a creature that stood and then spoke:

‘This, your Julie, can easily be fixed.’

This relieved Fred as she was dearly missed!

The creatures turned on a large red machine;

it spluttered and coughed and needed a clean.

Although it was dirty, it worked quite well.

This machine wasn’t from Earth – you could tell.

It glowed and sparked and emitted bright light,

with this glow, a figure came into sight.

It wasn’t one of the friendly creatures –

it had too many human-like features.

The machine then groaned and grunted and stopped,

and out from its insides, a lady hopped.

A lady who so completed Fred’s life.

A lady called Julie; it was his wife…

A poetry series by student DP


13 August 2021

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