The Watchers in the Sky - Part four

The Lost is Found

Image of the curvature of the Earth at night from space.

Old Fred was surprised and in disbelief

that finally an end had come to his grief;

it’s like she had been alive all along –

could this explain where her body had gone?

The creatures had taken it for repair

whilst Fred had thought: “Why on Earth do they care?”

Though Fred did not mind – he was with Julie:

his soulmate; his friend; they were meant to be.

The creatures were happy with what they did

as they waved goodbyes, their farewells were bid.

The pair were then ushered out of the craft,

happy old Fred with the New-Julie laughed.

The creatures suddenly appeared quite scared

as directly at them two blue eyes glared.

The thing in the distance began to bark –

it was Bess the dog, hiding in the dark.

Bess was angry at the creatures in front,

snarling and growling, she began her hunt.

She chased the creatures with intent to kill;

at that point, none of them were standing still.

Fred shouted at the husky: “Bess! Stop Now!”

he could not stop her – he didn’t know how.

Bess noticed a figure; someone she knew.

She stopped her pursuit of the spacecraft’s crew.

Sight of her owner, Julie, was enough,

for this dog to calm down and be less gruff.

The creatures were running back to their craft

in ignoble fashion; they looked quite daft.

The craft began buzzing and whirring too;

the ground was shaking as the noises grew.

The craft slowly hovered above the ground –

it took off quickly, with the shrillest sound.

Bess howled at the craft now deep in the sky

as both Fred and Julie waved it goodbye.

Fred began blubbing and shedding his tears

because he had not seen her in two years.

The three of them strolled out of the forest;

Bess played around a lot – Julie was missed.

Fred and Julie hugged tightly, with love,

forgetting about the creatures above.

They ventured back to their home, in the dark

as Bess started trying, oddly, to bark.

When they entered the house, Fred shushed their dog.

He jumped up the stairs with a cheery jog.

They both got into bed and snored and slept,

but Bess did not sleep; she whimpered and wept.

She stared at Julie whose face was on show

because Julie shone with a purple glow…

A poetry series by student DP


20 August 2021

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