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For many of you, your school has closed and exams have been cancelled. We send our sympathies and support, and we hope that joining us in Sheffield will begin the work (and play) of making up for these losses. We couldn’t be more excited about the prospect of seeing you here, and in order to help you prepare for this exciting new step, we have created a range of resources, including reading lists and worksheets, to help keep you in touch with us, and to keep you in touch with your subject. We will be adding to the material here in the coming weeks, so do keep checking back!

English Language and Linguistics


Reading List

English Literature


Suggested Reading for the Summer

Renaissance to Revolution

Complicated Texts

The Sounds of Poetry

So Conventional

Interpreting Shakespeare’s ‘When my love swears that she is made of truth’

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English Language and Literature


Practical Stylistics

Sounds of English

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