Celebrating staff: Mike Boultby

Finance & Research Support Officer

'Celebrating staff’ is a monthly initiative which aims to celebrate the diversity of staff we have, how all staff contribute in different but vital ways to the department, and to highlight what staff have found rewarding in their work in the last few years. This month the department is celebrating Mike Boultby.

Michael BoultbyWhat do you do?

I work across the Department of Geography & the Department of Urban Studies & Planning as a Finance and Research Support Officer. This involves advising staff on financial regulations and tax, managing departmental budgets and supporting the submission of research proposals. I also lead in the administration of each Department's undergraduate and postgraduate field classes.

What have you done recently in your job that you found rewarding?

I don't think I could point to one particular thing that was more rewarding than anything else. However, being involved in the organisation of all of the field classes across both departments each year certainly has it's challenges. It's very satisfying when I speak to the staff on these trips when they come home and they say that everything worked well and all that of the time and effort spent arranging them is vindicated.

It's also great to hear feedback from staff on successful research applications. I can't claim too much credit for the outcomes but it's clear that my help is appreciated and valued by colleagues so when it comes together to create a positive result, you can't help but be satisfied.

What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

As a finance person, it's hard not to say money! However, having worked at the University for over ten years in a variety of roles, I'd have to say I really feel at home in these departments and love working with some really great people. I can honestly say that no two days are ever the same which makes things far more enjoyable and rewarding.