Thomas C. Wilkes

Thomas Wilkes

The development of low-cost tools for volcano monitoring and research

Supervisors: Dr Andrew McGonigle and Dr Robert Bryant
Start Date: September 2015
Funding: Department of Geography Scholarship

Current Research

My PhD research makes use of low-cost CMOS sensors, primarily designed for the smartphone market, to develop relatively cheap, ground-based remote sensing systems. The primary application of these systems is in volcano monitoring/research, however, there may be a broad range of further applications for these instruments. The sensor used in my case is incorporated into a Raspberry Pi (R-Pi) camera module, which provides versatile control of the system. By modifying the sensor, through removal of its Bayer filter array, I have improved its sensitivity in UV and NIR wavelengths, and thus facilitated a number of new applications. To date, I have developed a UV sulphur dioxide (SO2) camera and tested it in a volcanic setting. I am currently building and testing a UV spectrometer, which will enable SO2 retrievals through differential optical absorption spectroscopy (DOAS). Future work will include the development and application of a thermal camera, utilising the NIR sensitivity of the R-Pi camera sensor.


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Academic Background

Environmental Geoscience (MSci), University of Bristol, 2010-2014, First Class with Honours.

Contact Details

Address: Department of Geography, University of Sheffield, Winter Street, Sheffield, S10 2TN, UK
Twitter: @Thomas_Wilkes1