Will Higson

ImageUnderstanding how Valley-Glacier Overdeepenings affect Surface Dynamics through remote sensing and UAV reconnaissance.

Supervisors: Dr Darrel Swift, Dr Robert Bryant
Funding: Self

Academic Background

  • MSc Global Environmental Change, King’s College London (2010) Merit
  • BSc (Hons) Geography & Sport Science, Northumbria University (2008) Upper Second Class

Project Summary

  • The primary aim of this PhD is to further the understanding of how overdeepenings formed beneath valley glaciers affect the ice-surface flow and morphology.
  • The first part of the project is to create an inventory of overdeepened valley glaciers in the Alps using surface-inferred ice thickness modelling.
  • Secondly, using a combination of remote sensing and ground-truthing from fieldwork, an understanding of how overdeepenings affect glacier flow (particularly ice-surface slope) seasonally and annually will be developed. Furthermore, whether adverse slopes are associated with ponding of subglacial water or the accretion of basal ice and subglacial till will also be investigated.
  • Finally, the project aims to consider the effect that overdeepenings can have on glacier flow velocity and whether overdeepenings should be considered an important feature in glacial modelling in the future.

Contact Details

Address: Department of Geography, University of Sheffield, Winter Street, Sheffield, S10 2TN, UK
Email: wjhigson1@sheffield.ac.uk