PhD students

Current PhD students

  • Richard Hayes (2010 start)
    Climate change signatures recorded in 3-D shape of mountain glaciers
  • Christopher Lloyd (2008 start) (Main supervisor)
    The geography of glacial overdeepenings
  • Becky Coles (2006 start) (Main supervisor)
    The cross-sectional characteristics of glacial valleys and their spatial variability

Former PhD students

  • Iestyn Barr (2009)
    Constraining the extent, style and phases of glaciation to derive Late Quaternary equilibrium-line altitude estimates in Far NE Russia
  • Andrew Phillips (2009)
    Development of geomorphologically meaningful measures of land form
  • Anna Hughes (2008)
    The last British Ice Sheet; a reconstruction based on glacial landforms
  • Sarah Greenwood (2007)
    A Palaeoglaciological reconstruction of the last Irish Ice Sheet
  • Monica Winsborrow (2007)
    Controls on ice stream location
  • Paul Dunlop (2004)
    The characteristics of ribbed morraine and assessment of theories for their genesis
  • Mike Smith (2003)
    Techniques for the geomorphological reconstruction of palaeo-ice sheets from remotely sensed data
  • Chris Stokes (2000)
    The geomorphology of palaeo-ice streams: identification, characterisation and implications for ice stream functioning
  • Owen Turpin (1998)
    Glaciohydrological modelling using observations of the transient snowline from remote sensing
  • Peter Mumby (1997)
    Assessment of coral reefs and seagrass using satellite and airborne remote sensing
  • Coomaren Vencatasawmy (1997)
    Development of radar remote sensing for lineament mapping
  • Jane Knight (1996)
    A GIS-based synthesis of the Labrador sector of the Laurentide Ice Sheet
  • Helen Watts-Tobin (née Leason) (1996)
    Spatial and temporal variability of vegetation cover and zones of potential aeolian activity in the SW Kalahari Desert, determined using satellite data
  • George Fowajuh (1995)
    Geomorphometrical analysis of glacial and aeolian lineaments on satellite images

Five of my former PhD students now work as University lecturers and five in research jobs.