11 June 2007

Journalism celebrates successful accreditations

The Department of Journalism Studies at the University of Sheffield can report excellent results from two accreditation visits recently.

In May 2007 the Broadcast Journalism Training Council (BJTC) visited the department to look at the MA and Postgraduate Diploma in Web Journalism and recommended it be approved for accreditation for three years.

The accreditation panel were complimentary about the way the course has developed, about the students they spoke to, and the work they produced.

Later the same month the Periodicals Training Council came to look at the BA Journalism Studies, and gave it full accreditation for two years, the maximum period.

Panel members were effusive about the course in general and the magazine components in particular.

They praised aspects like team work, creativity, writing and ideas.

As a result of these visits the courses offered by the department are fully accredited as follows:
BA Journalism Studies: National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ), BJTC, PTC.
BA Journalism and a modern language: NCTJ, PTC.
MA Print: NCTJ
MA Broadcast: BJTC

Professor Peter Cole said: “Everyone should derive satisfaction from these results. It is the courses as a whole that are accredited, so everybody is involved. And I include, of course, those in the admin office who handle applications, exams and the rest.
“Congratulations to everyone involved.”