Katie checks out journalism in Madrid

Katie Stewart in MadridBroadcast Journalism Lecturer Katie Stewart spent a week with students and staff in Madrid as part of the Erasmus scheme. Erasmus gives students an opportunity to spend 3-12 months in another European country, and have it count towards their degree. Journalism students are encouraged to go for the second semester of their second year.

The Universidad Carlos iii de Madrid, in the area of Getafe is just one of dozens of Universities linked up to Sheffield's Journalism department. It is an international University, attracting students from all over the world.

During her time there, Katie observed lectures, seminars and workshops and helped teach radio and television practical sessions.

Fantastic experience

Members of staff at Carlos iii welcomed Katie's expertise. Radio Lecturer, Susana Herrera said: "It was a pleasure to receive Katie Stewart's visit. She attended one of my lectures on Radio Journalism and helped teach on one of my practical sessions. She provided very interesting and useful feedback to my students about how to write and present news for radio. It was great to get her input and both students and me feel very lucky about it!"

Katie thoroughly enjoyed her time in Madrid and encourages students to take the plunge: "Madrid is a wonderful city and students from Sheffield who choose to spend a semester there will have a fantastic experience.

"The University has impressive broadcast facilities and many journalism modules are taught in English. By studying in Madrid, our students will be able to improve their language skills and get a taste of the city's amazing culture and atmosphere - not to mention the lovely warm weather!"

You can find out more aabout the Erasmus scheme here.