08 October 2004

Olivia at GMTV – A Sheffield Student’s Diary

We are closely following the progress of one of our journalism students who is in the running to become a television presenter.

Olivia Midgley

Journalism student Olivia Midgley has been appearing on television as a finalist in the Spirit of Beauty contest run by haircare brand Pantene Pro-V in conjunction with GMTV and Premier Model Management.

The 19-year-old undergraduate will discover on November 1 whether she is the overall winner, which would give her a starring lead in a TV commercial and the chance to present with Lorraine Kelly on GMTV’s LK Today.

Leeds-born Olivia is keeping a regular diary of her exciting time at GMTV – here is the second instalment.

Sunday October 3

After a weekend of trying to catch up with my university work, I am feeling very tired as I pack my things for London. I mustn’t forget my book of ‘positive affirmations’ which Dawn (life coach) told us to make at the life coaching session last Wednesday.

The idea of the books is that we write down words and phrases which make us feel more happy and confident; for example, “I commit to recharge my batteries to energise my life.” It all sounded a bit silly at first but when I had read her book, ‘Zest For Life’ everything seemed to make much more sense. The whole point of it is to gain more confidence and be less critical of yourself.

Monday 4

I get up at 6.30am as we have a photo shoot at 7.30, to show our Pantene t shirts off to the media! It’s really good as we have to do lots of different poses and the photographer is really funny!

After that a car comes to pick us up and take us to the GMTV studios. We are met by TV presenting coaches from Positive Television, who get us straight to work. We have to talk to camera for one and a half minutes about ourselves; for example uni, hobbies, etc. After about a minute I run out of things to say! I must sound really boring! We then have to watch our mini films, which is totally embarrassing. I have to look away because I can’t stand seeing myself on film!

We then have a lesson on reading autocue which is really good as we sit on the same couch as Eamonn Holmes and Fiona Phillips do to present in the morning! Wow! We then make our own mini ‘Lorraine’ show, by interviewing another person from the group, and adding VTs (video tapes), for example footage of plastic surgery, and then discuss it. This is really good as presenting is something I have always wanted to get into and the day has given me an insight into what it would really be like!

In the afternoon, Premier Model Management scout Mira, who is agent to Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell, gives us ‘walking’ lessons on the catwalk. This is in preparation for the fashion item we will be doing on Tuesday the 12th and the fashion show which will be part of the final for the competition on the 1st of November.

After three whole hours of prancing up and down the catwalk in high heels, my feet are absolutely killing although we all have a great time ‘trying’ to walk like models!

Tuesday 5

I return to Sheffield in the afternoon as the morning session at GMTV is cancelled.