Manchester: The Centripetal City?

Adam Leaver investigates the growth of 'Build-to-Rent' property development in Manchester in the context of emerging tensions between Manchester's city-first, property-led 'agglomeration' model of urban regeneration, and the disparities of wealth experienced in peripheral 'left behind' towns.

A photograph of the word 'Manchester' engraved onto a manhole cover.

In December 2020, Professor Adam Leaver won an ESRC grant to investigate whether Manchester's property-led city-regional model creates the kind of inclusive, accountable and sustainable growth that could act as a blueprint for urban regeneration within the Northern Powerhouse area. This work includes creating a toolkit for stakeholders to trace the financing, development and management of new housing assets locally, producing a transparency guide for local councils on their private-public housing investments and working with the Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES) to co-produce a report on translating a community wealth building approach to urban renewal and housing development.

Academics involved: Professor Adam Leaver, Dr Richard Goulding, Dr Jonathan Silver

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