Functional Ceramics

Ceramics have always been a major part of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering's research portfolio; and interest in the field remains as strong today as it has ever done. Here in Sheffield our research has broadened to cover functional ceramics as well as the more traditional areas of refractories and structural ceramics. Ferroelectrics and piezoelectrics are used in applications such as memories, sensors and transducers. Our research focuses on the discovery of new ferroelectrics and on understanding their fundamental crystal chemistry.

Contact and personal webpages

  • Professor Ian Reaney, Professor of Ceramics, specialises in the use of analytical and high resolution transmission electron microscopy to study the structure and microstructure of electroceramics.
  • Professor Derek Sinclair, Professor of Materials Chemistry, specialises in the synthesis and characterisation of oxide-based electroceramics.
  • Professor Tony West, Professor of Electroceramics and Solid State Chemistry, his research is a blend of the Chemistry, Physics and Engineering of Inorganic Materials, especially oxides.
  • Professor John Harding, Professor of Materials Simulation, has interests in the simulation of interfaces and thin films.
  • Dr Colin Freeman, Lecturer in Materials Simulation, explores the influence of molecules on the properties of materials and how they can control the growth and morphology of these materials.
  • Dr Julian Dean
  • Dr Eddie Cussen, Reader in Functional Materials
  • Dr Rebecca Boston, Lloyds Register Foundation / Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow
  • Dr Nik Reeves-McLaren, Research and Teaching Fellow