Liquid Crystal

Liquid crystal technology has transformed our daily lives, with the LCD industry currently being worth £300B per year worldwide. Research includes the study of structure and phase behaviour of liquid crystalline (l.c.) and supramolecular polymeric, oligomeric and low molecular systems.

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  • Dr Xiangbing Zeng Lecturer in polymers and liquid crystals, research interests focus on polymer physics, supra-molecules and liquid crystals.

Liquid Crystal

Journal covers highlighting our work

Body-centered cubic phase in 3-arm star mesogens: a torsional tapping AFM and GISAXS study  3D Ordered Gold Strings by Coating Nanoparticles with Mesogens  A triple-network tricontinuous cubic liquid crystal Testing the triple network structure of the cubic Im3m Heat-Shrinking Spherical and Columnar Supramolecular Dendrimers

Liquid-Crystal Engineering with Anchor-Shaped Molecules Diamond News 2008 X-Shaped polyphilics: liquid crystal honeycombs with single-molecule walls Mirror-Symmetry Breaking by Chirality Synchronization in Liquids