Research Seminars

We host, on average three or four seminars each month, usually on a Wednesday at 1pm during term. We invite a range of guest speakers with expertise covering all areas of molecular bioscience. All students, academics and staff are welcome to attend.

Other bioscience seminars are hosted by the Imagine: Imaging Life project and the Florey Institute:

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology seminars, 2019-2020:

Wednesday 16th October:

Sheffield iGEM Team Presentation

MBB Undergraduate students
Wednesday 16th October at 1pm
Firth Court F2

Host: Dr Stuart Casson

Wednesday 23rd October:

Trace nutrient copper in bacterial physiology and pathogenesis

Dr Karrera Djoko
University of Durham
Wednesday 23rd October at 1pm

Host: Dr Rob Fagan

Wednesday 6th November:

Large-scale CRISPR mutagenesis in zebrafish to identify novel genetic regulators of body weight

Dr James Minchin
University of Edinburgh
Wednesday 6th November at 1pm

Host: Dr Julien Bergeron

Wednesday 13th November:

DNA delivery mechanism of gene transfer agent of Rhodobacter capsulatus

Dr Pavel Plevka
Central European Institute of Technology, Brno, Czech Republic
Wednesday 13th November at 1pm
Firth Court F2

Host: Prof Simon Foster

Thursday 21st November:

Discovery of inhibitors of Imidazole glycerol phosphate dehydratase, a key enzyme of histidine biosynthesis; 30 years ago and thereafter

Professor Ichiro Mori
Kobe University, Japan
Thursday 21st November at 12 noon
Firth Court G2

Host: Professor David Rice

Wednesday 27th November:

Visualising the dynamics of mitotic chromosome organisation in live cells

Dr John Eykelenboom
University of Dundee
Wednesday 27th November at 1pm
Firth Court F2

Host: Professor Mike Williamson

Wednesday 11th December:

Heart Disease- What goes wrong inside cells?

Elisabeth Ehler
King's College London
Wednesday 11th December at 1pm
Firth Court F2

Host: Dr Julien Bergeron

Wednesday 29th January:

Postdoc Seminar

Dr David Swainsbury
The structure and function of Rps. palustris protein W revealed by Cryo-EM structures of its two RC-LH1 core complexes

Dr Ringalie Zaksauskaite
Analysis of Protein-linked DNA Break Repair in Zebrafish

Wednesday 29th January at 1pm

Host: Prof Mike Williamson

Wednesday 5th February:

High throughput discovery of bacterial biofilm-resistant materials: mechanisms and clinical applications

Prof Paul Williams
University of Nottingham
Wednesday 5th February at 1pm

Host: Prof Simon Foster

Tuesday 11th February:

Re-engineering photoprotection to improve crop productivity: Models, Measurements and Serendipity

Dr Johannes Kromdijk
University of Cambridge
Tuesday 11th February at 12.30
Alfred Denny Building Conference Room

Host: Dr Matt Johnson

Wednesday 26th February:

Krebs Institute Lecture: Harnessing evolution to create new medicines

Prof Greg Winter CBE FRS (2018 Nobel Prize for Chemistry)
MRC Laboratory Cambridge
Wednesday 26th February at 6pm
Diamond Lecture Theatre 1

Host: Prof Simon Foster

Wednesday 11th March:

The remote control of gene expression: enhancer function in development and disease

Prof Wendy Bickmore
MRC Human Genetics Unit, University of Edinburgh
Wednesday 11th March at 1pm
Firth Court F2

Host: Prof. Mike Williamson

Wednesday 1st April:

Mark Cooke Memorial Lecture

Wednesday 1st April at 1pm
Firth Court F2

Host: Prof Simon Foster

Wednesday 22nd April:

Structure of rotary ATPases and their role in human diseases

Prof Thomas Meier
Wednesday 22nd April at 1pm
Firth Court F2

Host: Prof Per Bullough

Wednesday 6th May:

The West Riding Lecture

Prof Nigel Robinson
University of Durham
Wednesday 6th May at 1pm
Firth Court F2

Host: Prof Robert Poole

Wednesday 13th May:

Nina Van Sorje

Nina Van Sorje
University of Utrecht
Wednesday 20th May at 1pm
Firth Court F2

Host: Dr Stephane Mesnage

Wednesday 27th May:

The Roper Lecture

Prof Tony Kouzarides
Milner Therapeutics Institute, University of Cambridge
Wednesday 27th May at 1pm
Firth Court F2

Host: Prof Stuart Wilson