We host, on average three or four seminars each month, usually on a Wednesday at 1pm during term. We invite a range of guest speakers with expertise covering all areas of molecular bioscience. All students, academics and staff are welcome to attend.

Other bioscience seminars are hosted by the Imagine: Imaging Life project and the Florey Institute:

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology seminars, 2017-2018:

Wednesday 4 October: Antimicrobial resistance

iGEM team
Wednesday Oct 4 at 1 pm in MBB F2

Host: Dr S Casson

Wednesday 11 October: The Roper Lecture

Prof. Richard Summers
RAGT Seeds
Wednesday October 11 at 1 pm in MBB F2

Host: Prof Pete Sudbery

Wednesday 18 October:  Evolution and function of microRNAs in early development

Prof. Sam Griffiths-Jones
University of Manchester
Wednesday October 18 at 1 pm in MBB F2

Host: Dr Ian Sudbery

Wednesday 25 October: Beyond DNA & RNA: Synthetic Genetic Polymers

Dr Alex Taylor
University of Cambridge
Wednesday October 25 at 1 pm in MBB F2

Host: Dr Julien Bergeron

Wednesday 8 November: Understanding the structure, self-assembly and mechanics of bacterial organelles for metabolic engineering

Dr Luning Liu
University of Liverpool
Wednesday November 8 at 1 pm in MBB F2

Host: Dr Matt Johnson

Wednesday 15 November: Life without DNA replication origins

Dr Thorsten Allers
University of Nottingham
Wednesday November 15 at 1 pm in MBB F2

Host: Dr Andrew Fenton

Wednesday 22 November: William Ferdinand Memorial Lecture

Prof. Jane Clarke FRS
University of Cambridge
Wednesday November 22 at 1 pm in MBB F2

Host: Prof Mike Williamson

Wednesday 29 November: Biotechnology in the extremophile red alga Galderia

Dr Seth Davis
University of York
Wednesday November 29 at 1 pm MBB F2 

Host: Dr Lynda Partridge

Wednesday 6 December: Caught in a Venus flytrap: the hectic life of a multidrug resistance plasmid

Dr Daniela Barilla
University of York
Wednesday December 6 at 1 pm MBB F2

Host: Dr Ling Chin Hwang

Wednesday 13 December: Horizontal transfer of antimicrobial resistance drives multi-species population level epidemics

Dr Kate Baker
University of Liverpool
Wednesday December 13 at 1 pm MBB F2

Host: Dr Roy Chaudhuri

Wednesday 17 January: Persistance: orthologues of plant cutin synthases enable bacterial growth in diverse niches

Prof. Ian Henderson
University of Birmingham
Wednesday January 17 at 1 pm MBB F2

Host: Dr Rob Fagan

Wednesday 24 January: West Riding Lecture: Molecular analysis of ammonia oxidisers: enlightenment or entanglement

Prof. James Prosser
University of Aberdeen
Wednesday January 24 at 1 pm MBB F2

Host: Prof Robert Poole

Wednesday 31 January: Andrew Jackson

Prof. Andrew Jackson
University of Edinburgh
Wednesday January 31 at 1 pm MBB F2

Host: Prof Sherif El-Khamisy