National and Transnational Literatures and Cultures

The National and Transnational Literatures and Cultures cluster draws together colleagues who work on the analysis of literary and other types of cultural ‘text’ as well as on the circumstances of production, circulation and consumption of those texts. They examine literature and culture in their national contexts, but also across a range of countries, continents, languages and eras, as well as in terms of related theoretical debates.


There is a wide range of ongoing research projects in the cluster.

Some examples include:

  • Soviet and post-Soviet literature and culture, Socialist Realism, Soviet national literatures, Russian and Soviet film, critical theory and Soviet cultural history.
  • Distinctive German forms of early realism, and many aspects of the German 18th and 19th century, as well as contemporary German-language literature (especially authors who rose to prominence after German unification); literature and philosophy in the Germanic world.
  • Eighteenth-century French literature and cultural history; literature in contemporary France and in Francophone Africa and the Caribbean.
  • Journalism and the 19th-century Spanish novel (including the Galdós Editions Project); Modern Catalan and peninsular Spanish literature and culture.
  • Literature, popular and mass culture, sport and music in Latin America.
  • Crime and fiction.
  • Migration and literature (including the Portuguese global community, the Netherlands, the Hispanic USA, Africa and Europe).
  • Transnational flows between Europe and Africa and the Americas as well as across the Americas.
  • Politics, identity, globalization and national-transnational cultural theory.