Postgraduate Research study in the Faculty of Social Sciences

Choose a PhD with training that advances your skills.

Study your PhD in the Faculty of Social Sciences and you will have access to world class training alongside your doctoral study. Our Doctoral Training Programme can be tailored to your individual needs to ensure you have the right skills you need to develop your research.

Our training programme is designed to exceed current UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) training and development guidelines, and gives all our social science PhD students access to ESRC-funded White Rose Doctoral Training Partnership cohort activities, regardless of your source of funding.

Our programme enables you to develop skills throughout your PhD study to prepare you for a professional career with research at its core, whether that be in academia, policy or a commercial environment, with an ability to use interdisciplinary insights and approaches to tackle the biggest societal challenges.

The programme offers five strands of training alongside your PhD study:

  • Research Ethics

  • Advanced Research Methods 

  • Professional Skills Development for Researchers

  • Interdisciplinary Research

  • Specialist subject training within your department

The training is flexible and bespoke to your needs which you will discuss with your PhD supervisor. All training is available to all social science doctoral students.

The training programme has been designed to support the development of your thesis and your skills as a professional researcher. Attending some elements of the training such as Ethics and Integrity is compulsory, but as the training runs alongside your PhD research, there is no requirement to pass elements of the training in order to progress to a PhD.

Our training programme is co-ordinated by the Sheffield Methods Institute, a unique organisation at the heart of the Faculty of Social Sciences who specialise in the teaching of social research methods in an interdisciplinary environment. Sheffield Methods Institute delivers significant elements of the social research methods training, and interdisciplinary and discipline specific training is delivered by the White Rose Doctoral Training Partnership and the department you have chosen to study your PhD with.

Applying for your PhD

The Social Sciences Doctoral Training Programme is available to all doctoral students within the Faculty of Social Sciences. However, applications for a PhD place should be made through the academic department relevant to your proposed area of study. Please see departments for further information:

Details about how to apply for a PhD can be found on our application webpage.