SDG9: Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

Through collaborative investment, and spinoff companies working on everything from medical treatments to smart materials, at Sheffield we are ensuring that innovation and infrastructure are developed sustainably.

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Key facts for how we are achieving SDG9

  • 26 university spinoffs: registered companies set-up to exploit intellectual property that has originated from within the University
  • 19 spinoff companies have been added to the University’s commercial portfolio since 2019
  • Around 40 commercialisation projects are underway at any one time. Current projects include robotic manufacturing, drought resistant crops and gene therapy development
  • Research and commercialisation at the University of Sheffield has led to over 280 patents
  • The AMRC has attracted over £260million of investments into manufacturing in South Yorkshire

Industry and innovation turn world-leading research into life-changing technology.

Investing in innovation 

The University of Sheffield is a co-founder of Northern Gritstone, an investment company aiming to foster innovation and bridge the research funding gap between north and south in the UK. Founded in collaboration with the University of Leeds and the University of Manchester, it aims to invest in academic spinouts and develop key areas such as energy and health technology. Projects supported by Northern Gritstone include Rinri Therapeutics, a company developing a stem cell-based treatment for deafness.

Advanced Manufacturing

Established in 2001 in collaboration with Boeing, the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) is a company that links world-leading research and innovation organisations with manufacturing companies. The AMRC specialises in advanced machining, materials and manufacturing techniques. Staff at the AMRC work to help companies overcome manufacturing challenges via collaborative research. The linked AMRC training centre provides education from apprenticeship level to doctoral training.

Collaborations and partnerships

Rolls Royce

The University of Sheffield continue to uphold a long-standing relationship with Rolls Royce, to develop solutions to industry challenges through collaborative research; and offer apprenticeships, internships and graduate programmes.

Enabling supply chain resilience and security with Rolls-Royce

A new project launched in collaboration between the University of Sheffield and Rolls-Royce aims to help industry and government track and compare facility-level supply chain resilience.

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Research project with Rolls Royce will increase the understanding of fuel injection for a more sustainable future

Professor Mohamed Pourkashanian, Dr Spiridon Siouris and Dr Ehsan Alborzi from the Department of Mechanical Engineering are contributing research to a project with Rolls Royce and other partners to improve engine design and reduce carbon emissions.

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The longstanding relationship between the University of Sheffield and Siemens has already generated valuable and diverse projects. Continued involvement is strengthening partnerships and developing work in new fields of engineering and science, channelling innovative research into pioneering solutions for today’s global challenges.

University of Sheffield chosen to be Siemens’ top tier innovation partner

Global technology giant Siemens has chosen the University of Sheffield to be in its top tier of innovation partners, as part of its new global research and innovation ecosystems.

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Continued research

Cosmic Ray Muon Imaging

Formed as a collaborative spinoff between the University of Sheffield, Durham University and St Mary’s University, Geoptic is a novel technology company pioneering a new imaging technique that can be applied across several sectors of engineering. Cosmic ray muon technology uses harmless background radiation to detect defects and anomalies underground and in structures hundreds of metres thick, quickly and efficiently. This technology has applications in everything from nuclear waste storage to safely maintaining dam walls.

Developing Cancer Treatments

Modulus Oncology is a spinoff company founded by Sheffield scientists and biotechnology entrepreneurs. Research into key biological components linked to cancer development led to the discovery of small molecules that may be able to prevent or treat certain cancers. Modulus Oncology is now working on developing anti-cancer drugs based on these discoveries.

Our sustainability strategy

We have set the principles and direction for our sustainability strategy