Live Projects

Live Projects

Live Projects are a pioneering educational initiative introduced by the Sheffield School of Architecture.

Students work in groups with a range of clients including local community groups, charities, health organisations and regional authorities. In some cases the projects involve actual building, in others design of urban masterplans, in others consultation exercises. In every case, the project is real, happening in real time with real people.

The projects draw on the School’s exceptional research base as well as the commitment, vision and resources of highly talented students.

The Live Projects set real constraints, responding to budget, brief and time. In each project there is regular contact with the client and a defined end result, normally a presentation, report and sometimes physical building work. The projects place a large responsibility on the groups to deliver; as opposed to most student projects these are public and accountable.

In nearly 15 years, the initiative is responsible for over 100 completed projects.

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"The students have pushed the boundaries of the architect’s role in regeneration projects to produce a vision for Accrington town centre which was highly effective in engaging with local people and empowering them to influence the regeneration of their neighbourhoods. This document went on to influence the briefing process for a new masterplan of the town centre in its advocacy for the creative engagement of local people."

Claire Tymon, Creative Community Engagement Officer, Elevate Housing Pathfinder, Pennine Lancashire

"Cannot fault the students, they achieved a great deal more than was originally envisaged at the beginning of the six week process. They have produced many more outcomes than planned, which RESET was very impressed by. Thank you to all the students for all the hard work and enthusiasm. It has been a real pleasure working with them"

RESET, Humanitarian Development Charity

"At all times this project has been a resounding success. The completed structure was greeted with huge excitement and the children felt a huge sense of ownership. The film has received some very positive comments. However, far beyond these tangibles, as powerful as they have been, the project has created moments that are impossible to capture on film. The energy through school, the sense of possibility and creativity, problem-solving and togetherness has touched the lives of so many children in deep, profound and meaningful ways. For all these reasons, the true legacy of this project is hard to overestimate. We would like to extend our thanks to everyone who took part, and wish both the school of architecture and the students every success for their future."

Arbourthorne Community Primary School, Sheffield