Live Projects

Live Projects

Live Projects are a pioneering educational initiative introduced by the Sheffield School of Architecture.

Students work in groups with a range of clients including local community groups, charities, health organisations and regional authorities. In some cases the projects involve actual building, in others design of urban masterplans, in others consultation exercises. In every case, the project is real, happening in real time with real people.

The projects draw on the School’s exceptional research base as well as the commitment, vision and resources of highly talented students.

The Live Projects set real constraints, responding to budget, brief and time. In each project there is regular contact with the client and a defined end result, normally a presentation, report and sometimes physical building work. The projects place a large responsibility on the groups to deliver; as opposed to most student projects these are public and accountable.

In 19 years, the initiative is responsible for around 150 completed projects.

Client Recognition

"Through this Live Project you have given us a vision of where we can go to. The team are absolutely fantastic in every respect. Their commitment, their energy, their desire to help our charity, our school, our adult services is beyond question. It has been a great privilege to work with you over this time."

Dr Spencer Pitfield, CEO of Paces

“You brought life back into our building in a way I had not anticipated. Everytime I walked in there was another conversation happening. There was a hubbub all the time in the building with people interacting with and talking to all of you. It was some of the best community development work I've seen in 20 years”

Andy Jackson, Heeley Development Trust

"The real thing that we will take away from it is you have managed to understand the position of the building in the heart of the city. You have managed to position and create a building that will serve the people of Sheffield, enhance civic pride and it will give us a building that is right for everybody. It has been truly inspirational."

Jenny Cocker, Director of Finance and Resources at Museums Sheffield

“We are really overwhelmed by what they have come up with. They have given time and passion and they transformed the space, giving us ideas we can run with now. It's about linking the community, academia and organisations like ourselves together and building spaces and creating something that will benefit everybody.”

Hafeas Rehman, Director of PMC

“It was really important that the students consulted the community and saw the potential of the community and their ideas and this has very much been reflected in this project in so many ways. The standard of the work they produced was excellent.”

Andy Nice, Brendan Ingle foundation