Building Local Resilience Platform

Building Local Resilience is an exciting initiative which acts as a platform to bring together all research across the School and wider University in climate, demographics, governance and economic stability. It builds on our long standing expertise and history for pioneering socially engaged research.

This platform is intended to help make a coordinated change. In stepping up to the multiple, connected crises we face, we require new products and processes for making, inhabiting, organising, retrofitting and adapting our cities and neighbourhoods.

Architecture intersects many disciplines particularly the social and the technical. We are uniquely positioned to both understand the conditions and develop collaborative responses to the complexity of the challenges ahead. Our research focuses on how design and architecture, along with associated social, cultural and economic processes and structures, might be transformed to build neighbourhood capacities to adapt to these changes.

We aim to develop this platform and to support connections between research, teaching, practice and outreach. Through the process we will build up our own resilience through prioritising collaborative research within the school, strengthening collaborations with our own faculty, university and international partners, industry, and building long term collaboration with Sheffield City and its communities.

Selection of Projects

Urban Transformations Pathways from Practice to Policy, 2014-2015

Co.I Professor Doina Petrescu, PI Andre Viljoen (University of Brighton)

The Urban Transformations Network has been established by a multidisciplinary group of academics and practitioners from Europe who within the context of sustainable and resilient development wish to identify future pathways to policy supporting the integration of productive urban landscapes, including urban agriculture, into cities.

Funding: AHRC

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Building Performance Evaluation for Sustainable Architecture, 2013-2015

Professor Fionn Stevenson with Wrocław University of Technology

This project aimed to develop innovative building performance evaluation for sustainable architecture via comparative analysis of two housing projects; the performance of LILAC co-housing (Low Impact Living Affordable Community), compared with housing by Urban Splash, both in Leeds.

Funding: EU Marie Curie Fellowship

Climate Change in Residence 2015-2016

PI. Dr Renata Tyszczuk

This project connects cultural work on climate change directly to research into future climate change scenarios by eg. IPCC and UNFCCC. The Residency Programme will establish a new approach to arts-science residencies for the co-production of novel scenarios of future climate change.

Funding: The project is jointly funded by a R&D IIKE grant from the University of Sheffield and The Ashden Trust


Architecture and Resilience on the Human Scale Conference

Architecture and Resilience on the Human Scale Conference

The Sheffield School of Architecture were pleased to host announce a major international conference which focused on research, strategies and projects that are testing how we can build local resilience in preparation for major societal challenges, such as global warming, scarcity of resources, increase in extreme weather events and shifts in demographics.

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All activities and events

Teaching Activities

MSc in Sustainable Architecture Studies

This interdisciplinary programme provides research-led learning and teaching. Driven by the ethos of global stewardship and positive regeneration; students are involved in promoting sustainable architecture, with the aim of transforming the built environment for a more equitable future.

This Changes Everything

We are posing a challenge to all our masters students: How will your studio contribute to tackling climate change? 'This Changes Everything' is run as a series of seminars. The ambition is to enable students to think about how to integrate climate change adaptation and mitigation measures into their design practice.

Modules and Studios

Urban Resilience, MArch/PGT Design Studio 2013-2014
Resilient Communities, MArch/PGT Design Studio 2012-13
Designs on the Future-Adaptive Places , MArch/PGT Design Studio 2012-13
Architecture and Climate Change, MArch/PGT Module