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CHEM Dayang Fazirah Abg Ahmad
Dayang Fazirah Abg Ahmad
Postgraduate student
MSc Chemistry
Once she had adjusted to life in the UK, Dayang Fazirah started to develop lots of new skills and use a range of specialist equipment to prepare her for a PhD or chemistry job after graduation.

I decided to study chemistry in Sheffield because it's one of the best places to study the subject. In this course, I have had many opportunities to meet and work with other international students. As an international student myself, it was not easy for me, at first, to get used to a new and different study environment.

However, in this course, I have met many lecturers and other staff in the department who are very helpful and friendly.

I have been able to learn about, and have had the opportunity to use, advanced instruments and equipment that are less available in other countries.

Dayang Fazirah Abg Ahmad

Postgraduate student

For my research project, I have been synthesising a catalyst using nickelocene and tetracyclone as the starting material, producing a sandwiched-structure of tetraphenylcyclopentadienone ligands with nickel atoms at the centre. Throughout my research project, I was able to try and develop as many laboratory skills as possible. I controlled important parameters needed for particular reactions, and mastered how to assign and elucidate experimental results. This will help me a lot in term of preparation for future work or a PhD.

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