PhD student wins prize for her research into education economicsPhoto of PhD student Laura Requena

Economics PhD student Laura Requena Casado recently received the second prize for the María Jesús San Segundo Award at the Spanish Asociación de Economía de la Educación (AEDE).

The María Jesús San Segundo Award is for the best research paper presented by a either a PhD students or post-doctoral student.

The title of Laura’s research paper was Tuition Fees rises in the UK: Effect on degree choices.

Her research found that following the increase in 2012 of university fees in the UK to up to £9000, it has changed the degree courses that university students choose to study. She found after 2012, students are less likely to choose to study Arts and Humanities courses and more likely to choose Health and Life Science courses.

Laura explained “I was surprised but really happy to receive the joint second prize. My research area is education economics so it’s great to be receive this award from the AEDE.

“Also the research was based on data from the UK, so it was challenging but really rewarding to present to other scholars in my home country. After my presentation the audience gave me very good suggestions to improve my paper. It’s always very important to present your work to someone and recieve constructive feedback.”

Laura hopes in the future to join the civil service in the UK as an Economist or either the Instituto Nacional de Estadística (National Institute of Statistics) or the Bank of Spain.

Laura said “it´s really important to ‘stand out of the crowd’ because of the increasing competitiveness in the labour market. But this award as well as studying a PhD in a different language will help me to do that.”

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