ELTC Credit-bearing Modules

Can I take these modules?

  • Are you a first or second year undergraduate?
  • Do you have unrestricted module choices?
  • Is English your second or other language?
  • Do you want to improve and gain credit for your skills in English?

If the answer is 'YES' to all the questions above, you may be interested in the ELTC's credit-bearing modules.

What are they?

The modules are in the area of English for Academic Purposes and are part of the University's 'Language for ALL'

•ELT5401/ELT5402 - English for Academic Purposes (Reading and Writing)
•ELT5411/ELT5412 - English for Academic Purposes (Speaking and Listening)

What are their aims?

They focus on language in academic and professional situations. 'Reading and Writing' and 'Speaking and Listening' are covered individually, so that the specific text types and associated language can be studied and assessed in sufficient depth. The modules should not only enhance your current studies, but will also prove your capability in transferable professional skills.

How many credits are they for?

10 credits for each module. You must take these for credit only.

When can I take them?

In the first and/or second semester as part of your 120 credit load or you can pay a fee to add them on top of this. 

How can I enrol on them?

You can request to ADD these modules through the 'module approval' link in MOLE.

Where can I get more information?

You can find more information about the ELTC modules in the following ways:

1. Click on the module titles below.

2. E-mail the ELTC Credit-bearing Administrative Assistant at eltc.credit@sheffield.ac.uk.

When and where do the modules take place?

You can find the timetable here:

Draft timetable Semester 1 2017/18

The modules are held in the ELTC building at 78 Hoyle Street. 

What are the modules called and what are their content and assessment?

Please click on the module titles for more information.

Semester 1
•ELT5401 - English for Academic Purposes (Reading and Writing) 10 CREDITS
•ELT5411 - English for Academic Purposes (Speaking and Listening) 10 CREDITS

Semester 2
•ELT5402 - English for Academic Purposes (Reading and Writing) 10 CREDITS
•ELT5412 - Englsh for Academic Purposes (Speaking and Listening) 10 CREDITS

Please note that ELT5401/ELT 5402 and ELT5411/ELT5412 are repeats of the same content and only one of each pair can be taken over the year.

Are the modules the same as other language support services at the ELTC?

Please note that these modules are NOT support for language and have assessment and achievement requirements like other modules at the University. If you are interested in the ELTC non-credit language support, please go to www.sheffield.ac.uk/languagesupport