Terms and conditions

This page contains details of the terms according to which our offers are made, information on enrolment, sponsorship and methods of payment.


How to enrol

To enrol on a full time English Language Teaching Centre (ELTC) course, please send us:

  • A completed application form
  • A photocopy of the identity page of your passport
  • Evidence of your current level of English

Deposits are not required but evidence of funds or sponsorship will be required when applying for a visa.

The last date for receipt of applications is usually four weeks before the start of the course.

Normally we do not require an interview as part of the application process. However, in certain circumstances we reserve the right to require an online interview to discuss the suitability of the course for the applicant and to confirm details relating to the application.

If you need a visa, please allow enough time for your visa application.


You must pay your fees before arrival or during the first week of your course. Please note that if you do not pay by this time, you will not be allowed to continue your studies.

You may pay by:

  • Credit / debit card
  • Western Union bank transfer

We are unable to accept any tuition fee payments in cash.

ELTC will send you details on how to pay your tuition fees along with your offer letter. We strongly advise you NOT to carry large quantities of cash (though you will need some cash when you first arrive in the UK).

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Sponsored students

If your tuition fees will be paid by a sponsor, we require you to provide a letter from your sponsor confirming this with your application. The letter should include:

  • A date within the last 6 months
  • Applicant's full name and date of birth
  • Sponsor's name and contact details
  • Specific reference to an English language course in the UK

You must also present a letter of financial guarantee, however we understand that sometimes sponsors require applicants to obtain an offer before they will produce one.

In these circumstances it is acceptable to provide your financial guarantee later during the admissions process. 

Acceptable sponsors include universities, government agencies, charitable organisations and registered international companies and the guarantee may be verified with your sponsor before we confirm your enrolment. The ELTC reserves the right to refuse financial guarantees.

Some students need a further letter from their embassy in London after they arrive in England and before they begin their studies. Check with ELTC if you are not sure about this.

You may not be able to start your course at ELTC until we have received this letter.

Group students

If you are participating in a course as a member of a group, payment arrangements will be made through your group organiser.

Cancellations and changes to enrolments

You may cancel your enrolment before the start of your course. Course fees which have been paid in advance will be refunded but the following deductions will be made:

  • any visa charges incurred
  • any bank charges incurred
  • any fee or commission already paid

Please note that if you leave early or take an unauthorised break from your studies, you risk losing the money you have paid. Fees will only be refunded in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the Director.

We are obliged to report any changes or cancellations to UK Visas and Immigration.

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Latest enrolment dates

You must take up your place on time if possible. The latest enrolment date for your course is stated on your offer letter. It will not be possible to join your course after the latest enrolment date.

If you are unable to arrive on or before the latest enrolment date you should not travel to Sheffield as we cannot guarantee you will be allowed to enter the UK.

It is important that you make every effort to arrive on time to minimise the impact on your studies.

In the event that you believe you will not be able to arrive on time for your course, you must inform us by e-mail (eltc@sheffield.ac.uk) at the earliest possible opportunity.

If you arrive after the start date for your course your tuition fees will not be discounted or refunded for the period of the course you miss, apart from in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the ELTC Director.


Please note that the ELTC does not offer an insurance package so you are strongly advised to arrange insurance to cover your health and possessions. Students studying for less than 6 months are not eligible for free NHS treatment.

The University of Sheffield’s terms and conditions

We advise students to read the University's Terms and Conditions upon Acceptance of an Offer. These are included as an attachment with ELTC offer letter e-mails.

When registering, students enter into a contract with the University and are bound by University Regulations and English Law.

If students break TUOS regulations or English Law, they may be penalised. The most severe penalty the University can apply is expulsion, which means the student is told to leave the University.

Conduct involving criminal, violent and/or abusive behaviour may lead to expulsion. This means they would not be able to complete their current course or register on TUOS courses in the future.

Public holidays

Classes are not held on public holidays and ELTC is closed on those days. Please note that there are no fee reductions for course weeks which include a public holiday.

Standard term dates and fees

Agency students

If you were referred to ELTC by an agency, please include their details on your application form.

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