Our Doctoral Researchers and their projects

The School of English has a vibrant, active and multi-disciplinary portfolio of PhD and research projects. The research topic of each project, the student and their supervisor(s) is shown in the table below, in alphabetical order of the researcher's surname.

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Name Supervisory team Project title Contact details
Nouf Alotaibi Dr. Jane Mulderrig, Dr. Emma Moore A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Saudi Women's Campaign against the Male-Guardianship System on Social Media namalotaibi1@sheffield.ac.uk
Shahla Adi Dr. Nigel Harwood (Sheffield), External supervisor Dr. Rola Naeb (Northumbria university) Simultaneous Manipulation of Task Complexity along Planning Conditions: Impact on L2 Performance in Two Different Online Venues (Text & Voice Chat) Sadi1@sheffield.ac.uk
Yasir Allawi Al-Jumaili Professor Jane Hodson, Dr. Sara Whiteley The Representation of Negative Mental States in Keats’s Poetry yasir.jumaili@sheffield.ac.uk
Anood Al Shibli Dr Gabriel Ozon,Dr Nigel Harwood Corpus linguistics, Curriculum Design, Second Language Acquisition, Writing Assessment asal-shibli1@sheffield.ac.uk
Sarah Alwin Dr Veronica Barnsley, Dr Richard Steadman-Jones Colonial and Post-colonial spatiality, domestic spaces, South East Asian writing satalwin1@sheffield.ac.uk
Cath Badham Professor Stephen Nicholson, Dr Rachel Zerihan The Plays of Philip Ridley: Space, Identity, Language c.badham@sheffield.ac.uk
Gemma Ballard Dr Jonathan Raynor, Dr Kate Taylor-Jones (SEAS) Millennial South Korean cinema and its exploration of the postmodern cityscape and the 'self' gballard1@sheffield.ac.uk
Samraghni Bonnerjee Dr. Katherine Ebury, Professor Adam Piette Between ‘Sisterhood’ and ‘Schwesternschaft’: A Study of British and
German Nurses of the First World War
Ellen Bulford Welch Dr Andrew Smith, Dr Duco van Oostrum Gothic Alter Egos: Anonymity and the Anxiety of Gothic Authorship in Nineteenth-Century American Literature EMVBulfordWelch1@sheffield.ac.uk
Lauren Butler Prof Jane Hodson, Dr Julia Moses (History) Household and estate community at Chatsworth in the nineteenth century, between 1811 and 1908 Lmbutler1@sheffield.ac.uk
Fiona Clapperton Professor Jane Hodson, Dr. Esme Cleall (Department of History) Between Expectation and Experience: The Changing Social Realities of Life and Work upon the Chatsworth Estate 1908-1950 as Reflected within the Language used by the Community Fcclapperton1@sheffield.ac.uk
Daniel Clarke Dr Jonathan Rayner, Prof. Duncan Petrie (University of York) Wearing Historicity: genre, identity, and production values in the Hollywood Medieval dclarke1@sheffield.ac.uk
Jack Cortvriend Dr David Forrest, Dr Jonathan Rayner Sensing Everyday Spaces: New British Cinema Jcortvriend1@sheffield.ac.uk
Tamsin Crowther Professor Andrew Smith, Dr Amber Regis Ghosts in the Glass: Women at the Window in the Gothic Literature of the Brontës tecrowther1@sheffield.ac.uk
Gemma Curto Dr Katherine Ebury, Professor Joe Bray Time, chaos and the implications for narrative g.curto@sheffield.ac.uk


Name Supervisory team Project title Contact details
Holly Dann Dr Emma Moore, Dr Chris Montgomery A Future for Cornish English?: An investigation into the effects
of indexicality, contact, and identity on the Cornish dialect
Amanda Blake Davis Dr Madeleine Callaghan, Dr Anna Barton Empathetic Androgyny in the Works of Percy Bysshe and Mary Shelley Abdavis1@sheffield.ac.uk
Val Derbyshire Professor Angela H Wright, Dr Anna Barton Places & Spaces in the Works of Charlotte Turner Smith (1749-1806) vgderbyshire1@sheffield.ac.uk
Sally Eales Professor Jane Hodson, Dr Amber Regis Communities of Practice: A linguistic study of intimacy and representation in British domestic service saeales1@sheffield.ac.uk
Rosa Escanes Sierra Dr Jane Mulderrig, Professor Colin Hay (Department of Politics) Morality in times of crisis: the linguistic framing of inequality in elite political discourse in the UK r.escanes.sierra@sheffield.ac.uk
Catherine Evans Dr Emma Rhatigan, Dr Marcus Nevitt Sensing time in early modern religious literature crevans1@sheffield.ac.uk
Reem Fattani Dr Valerie Hobbs, Dr Richard Steadman-Jones Investigating lexical bundles in academic writing materials on an eap pre-sessional course Rfattani1@sheffield.ac.uk
Veronica Fibisan Professor Adam Piette, Dr Agnes Lehoczky A Practice-based Approach in Ecocritical Poetic Explorations in the Landscape of the British Shoreline vfibisan1@sheffield.ac.uk
Richard Finn Professor Joanna Gavins, Dr Sara Whiteley Experience of mental illness in comics r.finn@sheffield.ac.uk
Celine Frohn Prof. Andrew Smith, Dr John Miller Penny bloods of the 1830s and 1840s and way of thinking about gender and sexual difference cajfrohn1@sheffield.ac.uk


Name Supervisory team Project title Contact details
Kate Gath Dr Marcus Nevitt, Professor Cathy Shrank Sir William Davenant and the Human Sensory Experience kate.gath@sheffield.ac.uk
Sarah Gelcich Dr Gareth Walker, Dr Steven Ariss (School of Health and Related Research) Communicating risk in type 2 diabetes consultations hcp12sg@sheffield.ac.uk
Mary Going Professor Angela Wright, Professor Andrew Smith An Exploration of Judaism within Romantic and Gothic fiction between 1790 and 1820 mlrgoing1@sheffield.ac.uk
Vicky Grant Professor Brendan Stone, Dr Bernard M Corfe (Department of Oncology & Metabolism) Knowing as Healing: narratives of irritable bowel syndrome. An appreciative inquiry v.grant@sheffield.ac.uk
Lucy Hamilton Dr Frances Babbage, Dr Bill McDonnell Dual creative/critical project maps identity in and of post-colonial Hong Kong Lphamilton@sheffield.ac.uk
Zelda Hannay Dr Frances Babbage, Dr Bill McDonnell Remaking Dramaturgy (practice-based) zelda.hannay@sheffield.ac.uk
Jessica Hannington Dr Jonathan Ellis, Dr Jonathan Rayner After Annie Hall: Woody Allen’s Influence on Contemporary American Cinema jhannington1@sheffield.ac.uk
Peter Harvey Dr Joanna Gavins, Dr Sara Whiteley How cognitive sciences can help us understand how we comprehend life narratives pjharvey1@sheffield.ac.uk
Jo Henderson-Merrygold Dr Katie Edwards, Dr Hugh Pyper Sarah and the Hermeneutics of Cis-picion: Genderqueering a biblical matriarch j.henderson-merrygold@sheffield.ac.uk
Alice Higgs Dr Bob McKay, Dr John Miller Animals in Contemporary Canadian Fiction ahiggs1@sheffield.ac.uk
Jacqueline Ingham Dr Kook-Hee Gil, Dr Ranjan Sen L1 transfer of prosodic representations in the spoken production of L2 inflectional morphology jingham2@sheffield.ac.uk


Name Supervisory team Project title Contact details
Sarah Jackson Professor Joanna Gavins, Dr Sara Whiteley Sharing Fiction: A Text World Theory Approach to Pre-school Children’s Experience of Story-time sarah.l.jackson@sheffield.ac.uk
Maryam Jameela Professor Sue Vice, Dr Richard Steadman-Jones Intersectional Representations of Desi Women Post-9/11 mjameela1@sheffield.ac.uk
Bushra Juhi Jani Professor Sue Vice, Dr Katherine Ebury Violence in Margaret Drabble and Selected Iraqi novels: A Comparative Study egp12bjj@sheffield.ac.uk
Greg Keenan Dr Jonathan Ellis, Dr Fabienne Collignon The Conception of Home in Twentieth Century American Cinema gnkeenan1@sheffield.ac.uk
Dana Koellner Dr Bill McDonnell, Dr Carmen Levick Future Imagining: Toward the Creation of a Positive Political ‘Future Theatre’ dana.koellner@sheffield.ac.uk
Emma Le Vine Dr Jane Mulderrig, Dr Kate Dommett (Department of Politics) A critical discourse analysis of the political language of the UK
Independence Party in the 2015 general election campaign
Hannah Leach Dr Emma Moore, Dr Chris Montgomery Voices of the Potteries: accent, identity and social history in Stoke-on-Trent hannah.leach@sheffield.ac.uk
Chang Liu Dr Nigel Harwood, Dr Valerie Hobbs One-to- one writing consultations in a UK university context: a study of international students and their tutors Cliu56@sheffield.ac.uk
Samuel Longhurst Dr Hamish Mathison, Dr Madeleine Callaghan Georgic Poetics in Early Eighteenth-Century Poetry slonghurst1@sheffield.ac.uk
Sarah Lund Professor Susan Fitzmaurice, Dr Emma Moore Experiences of English: An Ethnographic Exploration of Community Centre-based English Language Learning in Sheffield sarah.lund@sheffield.ac.uk


Name Supervisory team Project title Contact details
Ji Ma Dr Richard Steadman-Jones, Dr Ranjan Sen History of linguistic thought in Renaissance England jma21@sheffield.ac.uk
Laila M. Alhazmi Dr Chris Montgomery, Prof Susan Fitzmaurice Perceptions of Western Saudi dialects from an attitudinal approach lalhazmi1@sheffield.ac.uk
Ahmad Mahfouz Professor Steve Nicholson, Dr Bill McDonnell The Political Theatre of Muhhamed Al-Maghut egs11am@sheffield.ac.uk
Martin Malone Professor Adam Piette, Professor Matthew Campbell (University of York) That other place, so near in time and distance’ New Perspectives on
Great War poetry at the time of the centenary: a critical and practice-led
Joe Mansfield Dr Robert McKay, Dr John Miller Literature, Science and Great Apes: Relationships between primate fiction and cognitive ethology since 1945 Ega08jtm@sheffield.ac.uk
Emily R. Marlow Dr Katie Edwards, Dr Meredith Warren Religion, Gender & Sexuality in Video Game Narratives e.marlow@sheffield.ac.uk
Alex Mason Dr Rachel Van Duyvenbode, Dr Duco van Oostrum Race and Space in America’s Educational Institutions amason2@sheffield.ac.uk
Katrina Mayson Dr Jonathan Ellis, Professor Joe Bray Elizabeth Bishop: The Lives of Objects kemayson1@sheffield.ac.uk
Deirdre McConnell Prof. Brendan Stone, Prof. Tom Billington, Dr Chris Wood, Dr David Forrest School-based Art Therapy; Narratives; Creativity; Social, Emotional well-being and Mental Health; Trauma; Critical Psychology; Art-based Research dmcconnell@sheffield.ac.uk
Amber McNamara Dr Sam Ladkin, Prof. Adam Piette Contemporary Canadian poetry from 1960s onwards acmcnamara1@sheffield.ac.uk
Timothy Moffatt Professor Adam Piette, Dr Jonathan Rayner, Dr Carmen Levick Andrei Tarkovsky’s films from a hauntological perspective and investigating ideas around abjection signified on screen in relation to the Stalinist period of Socialist Realism tmoffatt1@sheffield.ac.uk
Hannah Moss Dr Joe Bray, Prof. Angela Wright The Aesthetics of Terror: Art and Architecture in the Female-Authored Gothic Novel, 1783-1818 egp07hmm@sheffield.ac.uk
Aysha Winstanley Musa Dr. Katie Edwards, Professor Hugh Pyper Genderfuck and Jael; Constructions of Gender and Sexuality Amusa1@sheffield.ac.uk
Soraya Nabipour Dr Frances Babbage, Dr Rachel Zerihan A laboratory of the self: Complicating notions of selfhood in post-postmodern theatre and performance sjnabipour1@sheffield.ac.uk
Emma Nagouse Dr Katie Edwards Rape Cutlure, Feminist Literary Criticism, Rape Culture and the Bible e.nagouse@sheffield.ac.uk
Helen Newsome Dr Graham Williams A Pragmatic Analysis of the Letters of Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scots (1489-1541) h.newsome@sheffield.ac.uk
Ellen Nicholls Dr Madeleine Callaghan, Dr Katherine Ebury The ‘Aching Pleasure’ of Keats’s Poetry Ernicholls1@sheffield.ac.uk
Lauren Nixon Professor Angela Wright, Professor Andrew Smith Conflicting Masculinities: The figure of the soldier in Gothic literature, 1764-1826 l.nixon@sheffield.ac.uk
Jessica Norledge Dr Joanna Gavins, Dr Sara Whiteley Reading the Dystopian Short Story j.norledge@sheffield.ac.uk
Nick Nuttgens Dr Bill McDonnell, Dr Frances Babbage Exploring Applied Theatre as a tool for facilitating dialogue about, and
stimulating action on, climate change
Funmilayo Obukadeta Professor Susan Fitzmaurice, Dr Jane Mulderrig Language Policy and Planning in the broadcast media of a multilingual context Fmolonipile1@sheffield.ac.uk


Name Supervisory team Project title Contact details
Ming Panha Dr John Miller, Dr Amber Regis The relationship between the human and the nonhuman in Sherlock Holmes' fictions by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle mpanha1@sheffield.ac.uk
Natalia V. Parker Dr Oksana Afitska, Professor Neil Bermel Teaching methodologies used for teaching Russian as a foreign language nvparker1@sheffield.ac.uk
Suzanne Pickles Professor Jane Hodson, Chris Montgomery Dialect Representation in Victorian and Neo-Victorian Social Novels spickles1@sheffield.ac.uk
Hannah Pinnock Professor Brendan Stone, Professor Andrew Smith Lost Stories of the “Insane”: Narrating Mental Illness in the Nineteenth-Century hannah.pinnock@sheffield.ac.uk
Emily Reed Dr Graham Williams, Dr Charlotte Steenbrugge, Professor Susan Fitzmaurice The Performance of Social Ideals in the Manières de Langage ereed2@sheffield.ac.uk
Amini Sa-idi Professor Susan Fitzmaurice, Dr Oksana Afitska Language shift and maintenance: A case study of Patani Malay-Thai
bilinguals in southern Thailand
Peter Sands Dr Fabienne Collignonn, Dr Bob McKay Androgyny as a vehicle of mental revolution in the poetry and prose of Percy Bysshe Shelley pwsands1@sheffield.ac.uk
Chen Shen Professor Susan Fitzmaurice, Dr Ben Rutter (Department of Human Communication Sciences) Speech Rhythm of Mandarin English: The Case of Advanced Learners cshen1@sheffield.ac.uk
Moe Shoji Dr Frances Babbage, Dr Rachel Zerihan ‘Paratext’ in Contemporary Theatre Practice m.shoji@sheffield.ac.uk
Rosie Shute Professor Susan Fitzmaurice, Dr Graham Williams Investigating the orthography of fifteenth-century printed books: a
computational approach
Rebecca Simon Dr Robert McKay, Dr John Miller Creatural Philo-Fiction: Thinking the Animal-Without- Animality rwosimon1@sheffield.ac.uk
Daniel Southward Professor Sue Vice, Professor Joe Bray The role of the Gothic in investigating post-postmodern modes disouthward1@sheffield.ac.uk
Carly Stevenson Professor Angela Wright, Professor Andrew Smith John Keats and the Gothic Aesthetic cstevenson2@sheffield.ac.uk
Emma Suret Dr Madeleine Callaghan, Dr Katherine Ebury Wilfred Owen as Romantic Heir Esuret1@sheffield.ac.uk
Kirsty Surgey Dr Carmen Levick, Dr Bill McDonnell Sharing Stories: Using performance to articulate relationships between public, private, personal and professional histories. kmsurgey1@sheffield.ac.uk


Name Supervisory team Project title Contact details
Emily Thew Dr Robert McKay, Dr John Miller Loss in Contemporary Literature e.thew@sheffield.ac.uk
David Troupes Dr Jonathan Ellis, Emeritus Professor Neil Roberts, Dr Katie Edwards Ted Hughes & Christianity Djtroupes1@sheffield.ac.uk
Tamás Varga Dr Sara Whiteley, Dr Renee Timmers (Department of Music) Music and Emotional Experience in Literary Discourse tvarga1@sheffield.ac.uk
Matthew Voice Dr Richard Steadman-Jones, Professor Joanna Gavins Writing Fighting: A Stylistic Approach to Violence in Combat Narratives matthew.voice@sheffield.ac.uk
Hielke Vriesendorp Dr Emma Moore, Dr Chris Montgomery The cognitive side to sociolinguistic speech perception hadvriesendorp1@sheffield.ac.uk


Name Supervisory team Project title Contact details
Rachel Walker Dr Bill McDonnell, Professor Steve Nicholson Peter Cheeseman and the Victoria Theatre, Stoke-on- Trent: to what extent can theatre-in-the-round be instrumental in enabling the regeneration of a region? r.c.walker@sheffield.ac.uk
Daniel Westwood Dr Madeleine Callaghan, Dr Jonathan Ellis The Concept of Quest in Byron, Shelley and Keats d.westwood@sheffield.ac.uk
Richard Woodall Dr Fabienne Collignon, Professor Adam Piette The ways in which our ideas about and experiences of the human face are shaped by the visual technologies (photography, film, digital tech) which mediate it rwoodall1@sheffield.ac.uk