Level 1 Pathway Challenge information

First year undergraduate students can start to develop their skills and understanding of the values of the Dean’s List, and the Management School, by taking part in the Level 1 Pathway Challenge.


First year undergraduates are encouraged to build a portfolio by taking part in the Level 1 Challenge, ‘What Do I Want to Achieve in Three Years’ Time?’ This activity is about demonstrating what you have achieved during your first year and how you are going to achieve the standard to become a future Dean’s List winner.

Participation is entirely voluntary.  There will be a prize for the best submission. 

The Level 1 Challenge

Your task is to submit a short self-made video to showcase your future self in three years’ time.  The content should be framed around what you have achieved during your first year, and what achievements you hope to gain during your university studies, which contribute to the Management School’s Mission and Vision

You will need to refer to the criteria for an understanding of how the videos will be marked.  The length of the video should be between 60-90 seconds (maximum).

Video Subject: ‘What Do I Want to Achieve in Three Years’ Time?’

The video you make can be presented in any way you choose. Some examples of how you might choose to present your film include:


Example of video style* (links below)

To camera / selfie video  

How to make a video diary

Moving images and footage

Chapeltown's Victorian railway station up for sale


Fitting car stereos keeps me young


The best Prezi presentation for company overview


Technology presentation on Powtoon

*Note: These video subjects are just for illustrative purposes

If you intend on editing your film, we recommend free software apps/packages including Adobe Spark Video, or your computers own ready-use tools such as iMovie (Apple) or Movie Creator (Microsoft/Windows).  There is also Creative and Digital Media support available with IT Services at the Diamond building, including recording booths, editing suites and equipment available to loan.

Judging process

Videos will be assessed by staff from within the Management School and the winning entrant will be awarded a prize. You will be given feedback to gauge if you are on the right track, or if you would benefit from guidance.

Scoring guidelines

Your video will need to address specifically how you intend to develop your skills relating to the two core elements of employability and social responsibility, as per the six criteria for the Dean's List.

Each video will be assessed and evaluated against the performance level criteria shown in the grid below:

Performance Level

Needs Improvement



Subject content: 

social responsibility & 


Subject knowledge is not evident.  Information is confusing, incorrect, or inconsistent. Little or no evidence demonstrated of gaining relevant experience which fits the criteria.

Subject knowledge is evident in most of the video.  The majority of information is clear, appropriate, and easy to follow.  Some evidence demonstrated of gaining relevant experience which fits the criteria.

Subject knowledge is evident throughout the video.   All information is clearly conveyed, appropriate and precise. The delivery is to a high standard.  Strong evidence demonstrated of gaining relevant experience which fits the criteria.

Video content and organisation

The video lacks a coherent theme, a clear point of view, and logical sequence of information.  Large parts of the information are irrelevant to the overall message.

Information follows a distinguishable theme.  Details are coherent and the information relayed is relevant throughout most of the video.

Video includes a clear and precise statement of purpose.  Messages are presented in a logical order, with interesting and highly relevant information that supports the video’s main ideas.


Does not orient the viewer to what will follow.

Clear and coherent, also evokes moderate interest/response from the viewer.

The introduction is highly motivating, and intrigues the viewer from the beginning.



Text and audio have 4 or more errors -  grammar or spelling.

Text and audio have 1-2 errors - grammar or spelling.

Text and audio have no grammar or spelling errors.



Video is of poor quality and is not able to be watched without issue. No evidence of any technical improvements which might have improved the quality. There are no additional components such as transitions, captions, title screens. Uninspiring shot composition and framing.

Video runs smoothly for most part except for 1-2 noticeable and detracting errors. Most of video has good pacing and timing. Graphics are used appropriately and there is some use of transitions, technical correction and camera styles.


Video runs smoothly throughout. Interesting techniques are applied to enhance the message or engage the viewer: transitions, video grading, titles and captions, subtitles, composition, camera angles. Shots and scenes work well together.  Use of graphics explain and reinforce key points in the video.