Dr Chris Stride

Senior Lecturer (Statistician)

Room: B024
Phone: +44 (0)114 222 3262
Email: c.b.stride@sheffield.ac.uk
Twitter: http://twitter.com/sportingstatues
Blog: http://www.figureitout.org.uk
Chris Stride  

As an applied statistician Chris researches and publishes across a wide range of social science disciplines. He has particularly developed skills in the analysis of complex multilevel and longitudinal data, and is an expert user of statistical software packages SPSS, Mplus and R. He is especially interested in the use of statistical methods to support and add rigour to research in areas where advanced quantitative analysis would typically be considered an anathema.

Alongside his research and teaching within IWP and more widely within SUMS, Chris has carried out statistical consultancy projects and advanced methods training for a wide variety of public and private sector organisations around the world.


Chris is strongly committed to furthering the statistical knowledge and practical analysis skills of both students and academics. He believes it to be essential to improving both the rigour of social science research generally, and the potential for department members to publish high quality research in the best journals.

He currently teaches multivariate statistics modules MGT6167 and PSY6010 in semester 1; advanced multivariate statistics module PSY6210 in semester 2, and a 3-day course for both M.Sc Occupational Psychology and M.Res Psychology students in the use of SPSS statistical software to manage and analyse data. Chris aims to teach the techniques and interpretation first, so they are understood before the complementary but distinct skill of using the software to run analyses is mastered. He also runs day-schools in Data Management, Multilevel Modelling and Structural Equation Modelling as part of the Social Science Faculty DTC Advanced Quantitative Methods module for Social Science postgraduate students from the White Rose DTC.

In addition Chris offers a Statistics Clinic for postgraduate students from the Sheffield University Management School; this is held every Friday am. Please email c.b.stride@sheffield.ac.uk to make an appointment.


Specific projects that Chris is currently working on include:

  • The effects of perfectionism on well-being
  • Cheating in sport; is it a team, individual or circumstantial act?
  • From pitch to plinth; a study of statues of sportsmen and sportswomen (see http://www.sportingstatues.com)
  • The psychology of nostalgia and the use of nostalgia branding
  • The effect of the built environment and residential outdoor space upon well-being in older people


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See here for a full list of publications

Recent invited papers and keynote Lectures

Town, J. M., Stride, C., & Abbass, A. A. (2017) Predicting change in depression with Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy for Treatment Resistant Depression. Society for Psychotherapy Research, 48th International Annual meeting.Toronto, Canada, June 2017

Town, J. M., Abbass, A. A., Stride, C. B., & Bernier, D. (2017) Restructuring fragility: Results of a Randomised Controlled Trial of Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy with Treatment Resistant Depression. Association for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Annual Lecture. London, UK, March 2017.

Stride, C.B. (2017) Madchester, so much to answer for: Rave culture as a catalyst for the modern replica kit industry. International Football Conference, Manchester Metropolitan University, June 2017.

Stride, C.B. & Catley, N. (2017) Shirt tales: why adults adopted the replica football kit. Social History Society Conference, London, April 2017.

Bindl, U., Unsworth, K., Gibson, C. & Stride, C.B. (2017) Job Crafting Revisited: How individual needs and moods differentially influence active changes at work. POS Research Conference, University of Michigan, May 2017.

Stride, C.B. & Catley, N. (2016) Dressed-up for the cup: was big match fancy-dress the gateway to replica football shirt culture? Committee for European Sport History annual conference, Leicester, September 2016.

Stride, C.B. & Catley, N. (2016) Dawn of the Replicas: When and Why Adults Started to Wear Replica Football Shirts. British Society of Sports History annual conference, Edinburgh, September 2016.

Long, K., Gunanti, I., Mora, G., Sanchez, J., Stride, C., Hutmacher, M., & Zamora, S. (2016) Modeling causal pathways linking pathogen-specific infection and impaired growth among children in Bangladesh and Kenya. Gates Foundation Conference, July 2016.

Stride, C.B. (2016) Football culture as sculpture: an analysis of the world’s soccer statues. The Beautiful Game conference, Basel, July 2016.

Piotrowska, P., Rowe, R., & Stride, C. (2016) Born to Drive? The behavioural genetics of driving behaviour. International Society for Research on Aggression 2016 meeting, Sydney, July 2016.

Flaxman P., Stride, C.B. & Carmichael, S. (2016) School Teachers’ Experiences of the Christmas Vacation: The Role of Work-Related Perseverative Cognition and Psychological Need Fulfilment. IWP International Conference, Sheffield, June 2016.

Town, J., Abbass, A., Stride, C., & Bernier, D. (2016) The Efficacy of Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy for Treatment Refractory Depression: The Halifax Depression Study. Society for Psychotherapy Research, 47th International Conference. Jerusalem, Israel, June 2016.

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Stride, C.B. (2014) Immortalising Football’s Fallen: The Statues of Antonio Puerta and Dragan Mance. Football, Culture and Fiction conference, Manchester Metropolitan University, November 2014

Stride, C.B. (2014) Replicas, retro-replicas and all things in between: football shirt design in a climate of decline. British Society of Sports History annual conference, Leeds, September 2014.

Carmichael, S., Flaxman P., & Stride, C.B. (2014) The Influence of Perfectionism on Employees’ Work Day and Evening Well-Being: A Day-Level Study of British Workers, IWP International Conference, Sheffield, June 2014.

Key Projects / Grants

Title/ Description Awarding body Dates People Involved Amount
Identifying the mechanisms linking socioeconomic status and child antisocial behaviour Nuffield Foundation 2016-2018
Reducing newly-qualified driver crash risk: Identifying behavioural targets MRC 2016-2018
EDiT (Evaluation of Junior Doctors in Training) SDO 2008-2011  

Professional Activities, Recognition and Other Information

I have performed statistical consultancy for a wide range of public and private sector organisations, including Barclays Bank, the Department for Education, and the NHS. I have also acted as an expert advisor to national government data collection projects, including the English Housing Survey.

I have provided advanced methods training at over 100 UK, European, American and Australian universities; at international conferences; and as public courses.

Current chairs/boards

  • Chartered Statistician and Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society
  • Chartered Scientist
  • ASSESS (UK SPSS Users’ Group) Committee member and Trainer
  • British Society of Sport History Committee member and webmaster

Editorial work

    Associate Editor: Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports