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Analysing the Policy Process.

"I have learned a lot from this module and have found it useful to explain policy change and things happening around us."

"Having never studied public policy before, this module gave me a good understanding of all the issues. Great module."

Policy makers around the world play an essential role in translating political ideas into practice. Whether formulating new ideas, implementing policy pledges or reviewing existing practices, the activities of the policy-process are vital to realising change. In this core module you will examine the different ‘stages’ of the policy processes and explore key analytical approaches to understanding governance and public policy-making.

The module encourages a comparative approach in order to provide insights into the theory and practice of governance and public policy. You will be encouraged to reflect on how you interpret and define political events. In doing so, you will explore the relationship between ‘governance’ and ‘government’, understand the drivers behind these processes and reflect on the changing nature of socio-political interactions and relationships. This module seeks to locate state of the art academic research and theory within the contours of ‘real-world’ policy dilemmas, helping you to combine theory and real world examples to understand the policy making world.


This module is typically taught through a varied programme of workshops, seminars and lectures over the semester.

The classes are designed to help you develop you understanding of core reading and explore the relevance of theories to practical examples. Workshops are also used to support academic assessment, with detailed instruction on what is required to apply subject knowledge to a range of assessment tasks.


The module is assessed through a variety of means, which typically includes individual coursework, group work and policy briefings.

During 2017-2018, students completed a short individual essay, a group project in which they wrote a report that applied a theory from the module to interpret a real-world policy event, and a 750 word policy memo. This combination of individual and group-led assessment is designed to replicate the varied demands made of actors employed in the policy making process, helping students to build their employability skills.

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