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Feminist and Decolonizing Approaches to International Relations: Bodies, Coloniality, Knowledge.

This module problematises core IR concepts and themes through an alternative ‘geopolitics of knowledge’ that comprises postcolonial, de-colonial, feminist and queer, Marxist and post-Marxist approaches to IR theory. The first part provides an understanding of key moments, processes, actors and practices in the emergence of the modern system of sovereign states. The second part interrogates key concepts and themes in IR, including violence, the body, capitalism, globalization, sovereignty and anarchy, hierarchy and hegemony/empire, and indigeneity. In place of the ‘West versus the Rest’, the module will examine the imperial dimension of these themes while revealing the mutually constitutive relations between metropoles/colonies in the formation of modernity both materially and ideationally.


  • This module is typically taught through 2-3 hour seminars over the semester. Time is given over to thinking and preparing for the presentation around which much of the evaluation is based.


  • This module typically has a portfolio of assessments. During 2017-18, students completed a book review, and were able to choose the book in which they were interesting. Students then worked in groups to produce a portfolio of related assessment pieces, which culminated in the in-class presentation at the end of the semester. Students were supported via a series of presentation workshop, which which gave them key skills relating to different forms of presentations such as podcasts, videos and websites.

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