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Feminist and Decolonizing Approaches to International Relations: Bodies, Coloniality, Knowledge.

This module reconsiders the way in which core debates in international relations are understood and analysed; and provides you with an understanding of critical perspectives in the study of IR, such as postcolonial, feminist and queer approaches. The module critically examines the supposed ‘key’ moments in world politics that led to the in the emergence of the modern system of sovereign states. To do so, it interrogates key concepts and themes in international relations, including violence, capitalism, globalisation, sovereignty, empire, and indigeneity. Through this, the module encourages you to critically evaluate arguments that dominant approaches to the study of international relations constitute a gendered and racialised ‘coloniality’ of knowledge.


  • This module is typically taught through a weekly programme of lectures and seminars over the 12-week semester.


  • The module is assessed through a variety of means, which typically includes individual coursework, book reviews and group work.

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