Masters Modules.

"A really interesting and different module from what I am used to."

"I was intellectually challenged by the readings and I throughly enjoyed it."

Political Economy of Global Environmental Change.

This module takes a political ecology approach to understanding global environmental change. We explore the debates around climate change, planetary boundaries, anthropocene, the green economy, biodiversity loss, population, and environmental refugees. These debates are examined by analysing the different 'governance' approaches to tackling global environmental change.

On this module, we explore the political economy of global environmental change at various scales including the international, regional, national and local scales; and we cover emerging debates on radical alternatives such as degrowth. We make use of specific case studies or 'things' to illuminate the wider conceptual debates: tuna fisheries, REDD+, plastics, carbon trading and the illegal wildlife trade.


This module is taught via a weekly interactive workshop, using a variety of methods: group discussion, practical exercises, mini lectures and analysis of short films, websites and social media.


The module is typically assessed through two pieces of individual coursework.