Nahed Arafat

Postgraduate Research Student (WRoCAH Scholar)
Email: Arafat

Previous studies and experience

I completed my undergraduate degree in Art and Education, Department of English language in 1987. After which I worked in two foreign companies overseas where I have been actively involved in translation and interpretation work. This was my initial experience in this field which was later culminated by the award of the Diploma in Public service interpreting in Law (DPSI, UK) in 2008. Working as a Transcultural Mental health Worker for the Arabic speaking community in Sheffield equipped me with the desire to further my education in translation studies as I have become aware of the importance of acquiring another language as means of communication. I completed my MA in translation studies at the university of Sheffield in 2013. I am now in the first year of PhD which is supervised jointly by Dr. Jane Woodin and Dr. Kristine Horner from the department of Modern language teaching centre at Sheffield University and Dr. Bethan Davis from the school of languages, culture and societies at Leeds University and funded by the White Rose College of the Arts & Humanities (WRoCAH) Scholarship

Current research

My thesis aims to look at the impact of language and culture on Improving Access to Psychological therapy (IAPT) for Black & Minority Ethnic (BME) patients in Sheffield. My interest will be to understand how language operates and changes relations in social settings. The emphasis will be on how language is used to communicate the complexities of BME patients mental health. It will also focus on understanding BME patients’ whole being through a focus on their cultural views and adopting their viewpoints.

Paper and Presentations

Arafat, N.M, (2015) Language, Culture and Mental health: a study exploring the role of the transcultural mental health worker in Sheffield, UK. International Journal of Culture and Mental Health 9 (1) pp 71 - 95.

‘The child viewer: A comparative analysis of Disney and Burton’s adaptations of Alice in Wonderland’: School of languages and Cultures Postgraduate Conference 12th June 2012.
‘Language, Culture and Mental Health‘: School of languages and Cultures Postgraduate student Conference 10th June 2013.
Facilitated a workshop regarding working with interpreters in the mental health Sector at The Sanctuary Seekers and Health Care Conference in Bradford on 20th September 2013.
Delivered a presentation about Women and Islam in Usmania Education Centre in Sheffield to raise awareness about Islamic Culture in June 2011.
Delivered a Cultural Diversity Workshop at Barnsley District General Hospital on 9th September 2010.


As part of my PGCE qualification I delivered practical teaching sessions for two years from November 2009 to 2011. The first year was at the language Academy at SADACA in Sheffield and the second year I taught ESOL entry 2 at Barnsley College.
I have been approached recently to deliver some cultural understanding programme for Hallam university students as part of their social care in mental health recovery module starting in November 2014.